Before The Second . . .


Yesterday I sat down and finally finished filling out Wyatt’s baby book.


It felt so good to get it done!  Ever since I fell behind (around 7 months old . . .) it’s been hanging over my head, and now it’s finished!  Except for the pictures that are supposed to go with it, but I can print those up anytime.  I mainly just wanted to fill out all the information before I forgot everything.

Since that was a major item on my “Before Baby #2” list, I thought I’d look at my list again and see how I’m doing – and I’ve finished quite a few of my goals!  Here is the updated list.


Before Baby #2

1. Finish the quilt for the spare bedroom.

Not done, probably won’t get done anytime soon.  But I did get our spare bedroom set up, which was important to me too, and I’m okay with just that for now!

2. Use the baby carrier as much as possible.

I think I succeeded in using it as much as I could, but he looks ridiculously large in it now – I think the baby carrier days are officially over.  I feel like I took full advantage of that thing while I could, so no regrets.

3.  Write a blog series on homeschooling.

I had a couple other posts planned on the homeschooling topic too, which I’m sure will make an appearance on the blog somewhere down the line, but I wrote about my experience homeschooling in a four part series.  You can read about it here, here, here, and here.

4. Possibly take a class with Wyatt or take Wyatt to storytime at the library{?}

I took Wyatt to the library for “Book Babies” and they read the kids a book while Wyatt crawled around and grinned at all the other kids.  Then we did a craft (Wyatt is pretty good at using crayons and drew all over his paper).  It was a lot of fun, and I think we might go again!

5. Get Wyatt’s baby book up-to-date.

Done and done!

6.  Go on a weekend trip with Derek.

Hopefully this one will happen around our anniversary (4 years this summer!).

7.  Whiten my teeth.

Check, though in another few months they’ll probably need it again – but I did complete this one.

8. Get some pictures of Wyatt on the walls.

In progress.  Just waiting until the next paycheck to get going on this one.m  It’s expensive to print up pictures!

9. Go to the park and swing with Wyatt.

I took Wyatt to swing on the same weekend that Derek went bull riding.  Wyatt loved it!  Now I just need to go back again with a camera.

10.  Either go swimming as a family, or go to the zoo as a family.

No, but it hasn’t been warm enough yet – soon!


Six out of ten isn’t bad, and the remaining items should be pretty easy and fun to do (except for that first one – why did I make that goal?).  Not too shabby. Maybe I should reconsider my “no New Year’s resolutions” rule and make goal lists more often!

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  1. Good job, momma! I SO need to update B's baby book. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  2. I've been trying to work on getting pictures of Callyn on the walls too and it IS expensive!!!

  3. Way to go on your list, Callie!! Maybe I should make a list and post it for some accountability. :)

  4. great job! I decided to just make my own and I haven't even started yet! ughhh...which probably means it will never happen! At least I have my blog & the thousands of pictures that I've already taken!

  5. I am the opposite -- I have all the pictures for the baby books done but have to finish filling in the info. I wish I could do it by age 2, but that's in a week and times 4 ... hmmm ... maybe if I buckle down this weekend? ;)

    Good job getting your checklist done!

  6. SO exciting!! :) Looks like a precious book full of memories....


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