I Caved (And Other Stuff)


So, I finally broke down and rented The Hunger Games from the library.  Most of the time I know I won’t like these fad-type books so I don’t even bother reading them.  But this one sounded like it might be alright, so I thought I’d give it a go, if for no other purpose than for cultural research.

I only just started it, and I'm a little skeptical, so don’t ask me what I think of it yet – if I have anything significant to say on it after I’m done, I’m sure it will be mentioned in another post.


This girl’s story has been weighing on me this week.  Secondary infertility is just as hard as primary infertility, just in a different way, and I’m not sure everyone understands that.  Go give her a little encouragement, if you are so inclined.

Also pray for this girl, who just found out she lost her baby after trying to get pregnant for six years.  My heart hurts for her and I’ve been thinking about her a lot this week too.


And the makeup poll is closed!  Here are the results:

What makeup products do you wear regularly (select all that apply)?

Mascara - 39 (78%)

Eyeshadow - 24 (48%)

Eyeliner - 18 (36%)

Sunscreen - 11 (22%)

Cover-up/Foundation - 34 (68%)

Blush/Bronzer - 26 (52%)

Lipstick - 5 (10%)

Lip Gloss - 19 (38%)

I don't wear makeup often - 8 (16%)

Total votes: 50

So mascara and cover up/foundation come in as the most popular products!  Not too surprising.  Blush/bronzer and eyeshadow are the next most popular, and lipstick is at the bottom of the list with 5 votes.

But guys.  Seriously.  You need to wear sunscreen. 

I admit I’m not perfect at remembering to wear it daily, but if I know I’m going to be in the sun?  You bet I wear it.  If there is anything my mom taught me about daily beauty regimes, it’s to wear sunscreen!  And when I’m eighty my skin will still look porcelain-like. 

So yeah, go buy some ASAP. 

Next poll is about how long you’ve been blogging, so be sure to vote to the left!

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  1. I love your little polls. Haha!

    I bought the hunger games, but i can't make myself read it. That's not a judgement of the book, i haven't even started! Just keep finding other things i'd rather do. I even bought a different book & read it instead! It's not my typical book but i need to give it a try! :)

    I will check out your friend's blogs. :(

  2. I caved too, on Sunday...finished the Hunger Games last night :) I will be interested in what you thought about the book. While I am not a huge fan of kids killing each other, I did think it was a very exciting book (obviously since it only took me 3 days to read!) and I think I will read the next ones :)

  3. I was skeptical of The Hunger Games too, and it definitely has a very serious/devastating premise. However, I loved it (and the other 2 books) because I thought all the violence served a purpose as a sort of warning about what could happen if we become more and more desensitized to things as a society. It also served as a sort of warning, I thought, about what could happen if we lost our freedoms as a country. Anyway, I'll be really interested to see what you think of it!

  4. I don't know if it's the same in the US but scientists in the UK are now telling people that they are wearing too MUCH sunscreen! Apparently most people are lacking in Vitamin D because we don't get enough sun exposure, and children are being diagnosed with rickets!

    I don't know...whatever we do it'll be wrong in a few years!


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