I Would Blog, But...

I intended to have a blog post about Vegas up by now, but after being gone last week this little guy won't let me leave his side. And I pretty much don't want to leave his either - I missed being home with him!

Plus he's teething. He usually has a pretty easy time of it, but this time he's getting his molars.

Enough said, I think.

Be back soon.
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  1. The molars are so rough, I wish they came in all at once! Wylie is finally working on his second... For the past 2 weeks! Good luck and enjoy snuggling that little boy :)

  2. You've got your priorities straight! Enjoy all that cuddle time! There's nothing else like it :)

  3. Oh sweet baby boy! Hope he feels better soon :) Enjoy snuggling together! :)

  4. Those molars are big meanies! hope your little guy is feeling better soon.

  5. Y'all are both so stink'n cute!!


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