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Sheesh, what a crazy week this has been! It just seems like every day this week I've either had about a million phone calls to make/e-mails to write or a million places to go.

I have pretty much zero blog inspiration this week, and then I remember I still have 22 more questions to go from those tags that were going around at the beginning of the year . . . so here's the next set!

What’s your go-to snack?

This is going to make me sound really unhealthy, but it's usually no-bake cookies. What can I say, I have a sweet tooth and chocolate always satisfies it! But sometimes I'm in the mood for something salty, so then my go-to snack is usually apples and cheese or pita chips.

Image credit. This is not my recipe for the no-bakes, but it was such a pretty picture of them. This is supposed to be a healthier recipe anyway, so feel free to check it out.

What is the first thing you do when you get home from work/school?

From work - I put all my stuff away (I cannot relax unless all my stuff is put away), give Derek and Wyatt a kiss, then take a shower. I don't feel like I can sit down and rest or cuddle Wyatt until the spit is out of my hair.

What is a guilty please of yours?

Okay . . . I will admit it. My guilty pleasure is America's Next Top Model. Yes, it's trash TV. Yes, I know I probably shouldn't waste time watching something like that. But I can't help it - it sucks me in every time! I haven't watched it in forever though since we got rid of cable last year - but I have considered renting a season from Netflix. I know, it's bad.

image credit

How many serious boyfriends did it take to get to Mr. Right?

Derek was my first serious boyfriend. I dated one other guy before Derek, but it only lasted about a month - he was nice enough, but we just weren't right for each other. Then a few months later I met Derek, and I knew pretty much right away that he was the one! I remember after Derek and I had been dating about a month, I came home one day and my mom was working in the kitchen. I hopped up and sat on the counter and calmly announced that I was going to marry him. I just knew.

If you could pick a different state to live in, what would it be?

My first thought is Hawaii! We went there for our honeymoon and I loved it. But I think after a while I would start to miss the seasons.

What is one type of show you hate watching on TV?

Hmm. Anything too crude or dark I don't like - I enjoy family shows the best. TLC is my favorite channel (when I get a chance to watch TV). So I'm just going to say shows with inappropriate/dirty jokes, and ghost shows/shows with weird spiritual elements - I don't watch anything like that.

What time do you get up in the mornings?

On Fridays when I work - 4:45 AM. That's the latest possible time that I can get up and still get to work on time.

Every other day - it varies. Somewhere between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM, depending on how long Wyatt lets me sleep. I'm so blessed that my baby isn't an early riser, because I'm the kind of person that really needs my sleep, and I'm usually able to get a good amount each night! Hopefully I'll be so lucky with the next kid, otherwise I guess I'll just have to get used to waking up earlier.

Would you rather hot weather or cold?

Hard question. If we're talking about in my state, I'll say the warm weather is super-nice. But I don't do well with really hot weather. Eighty degrees is about the upper limit for me - anything above that and I can't handle it very well. I actually really enjoy the cooler fall weather, and I love the winter when it snows. I think I tend to lean on the cold weather side as far as comfort goes, but I couldn't take it year-round. If I had to choose one to live with year-round, I guess I'd say warm, because I think I'd get depressed being cold all the time, but I really would miss cold weather. I need my seasons!

That was probably the most wishy-washy answer I'll ever write - ha! It's all I can do. That's a really hard question for me. Can I just say fall weather is my favorite? It is the perfect balance to me.

What is the most recent movie you’ve watched?

"We Bought A Zoo". I didn't like it. It had so much potential, but it seemed to just drag on and on, and whoever produced it put some weird New-Age-y elements in it that just got annoying after a while. The kid's drawings were totally creepy. It just wasn't very good.

Now, the movie I watched before that was "The Big Year", and I loved it! The characters were all so likable, it was funny, the movie had a good pace to it, and it even had a "moral of the story" at the end. A+ in my book, and it's going on the list of movies to buy.

What is your typical weekend made up of?

It seems like we always have something to do on Saturdays. Usually on Saturdays we have someone to see, or a party to go to, or shopping to do, or projects to work on. Occasionally we'll have a Saturday with no plans at all, and then we'll usually do something fun or go somewhere as a family. We won't have one of those nothing-to-do Saturdays again until June though. On Sundays we sleep in, go to church in the morning, and then we'll either go to my parent's house for a little bit, or we'll hang around our house and just rest.

Do you make your bed/tidy up every day?

Yes, I do. I can't focus very well in a house that isn't at least picked up. I do let the cleaning slide sometimes though . . . the dust has to get really bad before it affects my focus and feelings of well-being! That's probably not good. But at least I keep everything picked up and put away.

And that's it! I know I promised to have a sewing project post up, but I think it's safe to say it's not going to happen this week. I will show you one project tomorrow though, so stay tuned!


Oh, and the results of the poll are in! Here they are:

Which One Best Describes You?

-New reader, I've never commented - 0 (0%)

-Long-time reader, I've never commented - 4 (12%)

-Regular reader and/or blog friend of Callie's - 22 (68%)

-Reader, but I also know Callie in real life - 6 (18%)

Votes: 32

I think I can account for all the "know me in real life" people - which is good, because otherwise I would be wondering like crazy which of my friends reads my blog and hasn't told me! No new readers that cared to vote. I love that the majority of you who read consider yourself a blog friend of mine, or come back to read regularly! That's the whole point of having a public blog, is it not? I feel blessed to know all of you. And then you 4 long-time readers who haven't commented - show yourselves! Only if you want to, of course, but I'd love to get to know you too!

New poll up in sidebar about makeup - I'll leave this one up through next week!

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  1. I wanna check out We bought a zoo... and I love all these :) So fun to learn more about ya!

  2. Love these :) I love learning more about you! I keep trying to convince my husband that we need to get orders to Hawaii. So far it isn't working out too well haha.

  3. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but you can totally watch Next Top Model without cable. We get it just using an antenna hooked to our TV.

    As for We Bought a Zoo, I actually really liked that movie!! Funny how different our views of it are. :)

  4. I agree with you on the seasons question..I cant handle the hot weather either..and it seems like everyone around me just LOVES it! Yuck..I dont do well with extreme heat..bring on the fall temps!

  5. i LOVE ANTM! Seriously, it's my favorite show. When I lived in Malawi, it's the only show I downloaded on itunes to watch. I don't catch the episodes live, but I watch them on hulu later.

  6. haha, I used to watch Next Top Model years ago..and even wanted to be on the show, but then they pushed them to be nude and all the girls were catty and I lost interest. =/

    Trust don't tire of lack of seasons in HI. Or at least, I never did. You even get used to the weather so much that when it drops 5-10 degrees to 75...its real cold and you wear a sweatshirt and pants.Its true!!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  7. Love No Bake Cookies! Haven't made those in so long, now I really really want them! Ha! Loved reading all of your answers!

  8. I'm totally with you on the weather! I love the change of the seasons, but not a fan of super hot or super cold...AND I have a hard time focusing in a messy house too!

  9. Loved getting to know you more, Callie! I esp. enjoyed the bit about meeting your two make such a cute couple:)

    And I am with ya on the heat. While I've felt blessed with the constant sun down here I really can't wait for the cooler weather/semi-seasons back in Seattle!

  10. OH man, I really have been wanting to see, "we bought a zoo." I probably still will, just with lower expectations. And my guilty pleasure is the bachelor, totally bad. Loved hearing these things about you (and how early you get up for work, sheesh!)


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