Wyatt At 15 Months


My sweet Wyatt is 15 months old!



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I can’t believe how fast the time goes.  It feels like he just turned a year old yesterday.

According to the doctor Wyatt is still in the 20% for weight, 50% for height, and 80% for head circumference. He’s gotten a few more teeth (he has four on top now and two on the bottom), and I think he’s working on his molars now.

In addition to waving, clapping, and high-fives (which he has been doing for a while), he started raising his arms up when he wants to be picked up, and he’ll shake his head “yes” and “no” now.  He also plays “Indian” with me (American Indian, not Indian Indian) – I was just being silly one day and gave an Indian cry, you know where you pat your hand against your mouth while making a noise?  Wyatt copied me and started doing it, so now that’s a game we play.  He always laughs at me when I make that Indian cry and then he does it back!


Even though he’s been “dancing” for a while, it’s his new favorite thing now – whenever a song comes on that he likes (usually just songs with a distinct melody) he’ll start bobbing his head or swaying to the music.  He has pretty good rhythm too!  Last week I felt like he was also almost trying to sing along to a song that his walker was playing – I was humming to the song and he started making noises in time with the music, and he stopped when the music stopped!  He definitely loves music.


His words now include “dog”, “Mama”, “Dada”, “bottle”, (all of which he’s been saying for a while, but “bottle” has gotten a lot more distinct), and his new ones are “hi”, “bye bye”, and "more" (which sounds like a mix between "ba" and "mo" - it's hard to explain).  He’s a very thoughtful baby and won’t say all his words to just anyone – I think he gets shy in front of people he doesn’t know as well.  He’s been copying a lot of other words that Derek and I say, but those are the ones he uses intentionally to communicate.  He’s been jabbering a lot more lately, and he always has such a serious look on his face when he’s talking – I wish I knew what he’s trying to say! 

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He also says “boo”.  The other night he just randomly grabbed his blanket and start playing “peek-a-boo” with me.  He’s pretty tricky at it too – he waits longer sometimes to try to surprise me!  I was saying “peek-a-boo” when he uncovered his face, and then he started saying “boo”!

He has connected some of the words he knows too – I asked my sister to watch him one day, and met her at the grocery store to pick him up, and she said when Wyatt saw me through the car window he said “Hi Mama”!  I so wish I could have heard him say it!  He melts me heart.

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He’s still pulling himself up on everything and “cruising” around furniture, and has balanced by himself for a few seconds, but he’s pretty cautious and likes to be holding on to something.  He will take a few steps just holding onto one of my hands.  I think he’ll be walking in the next few months. 

He seems to have decided that crawling on all fours is, in fact, better than army crawling, so he’s dropped his army crawl and just crawls everywhere on his hands and knees now.  I wish I had taken a video of his army crawl, because now it’s too late!  The switch was pretty sudden.  He’s known how to crawl on all fours for a long time, but he’s always preferred army crawling until the last month or so.  He also jumps up and down in his crib while holding on to the railing, and it cracks me up.

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He’s really fascinated with other kids, and if he sees a kid he’ll just stare at them and jabber away.  We were in the grocery store one day and this little girl was walking parallel to our cart trying to pass us, and Wyatt was just staring and smiling at her and talking up a storm, and she didn’t even look at him!  It made me so sad.  Most kids pay a lot of attention to him though and he loves it.

He eats pretty much anything we eat, but he’s gotten a lot more picky in the past couple of months.  I can’t get him to eat vegetables or any fruits other than bananas, unless they’re pureed.  He loves everything else we give him though, and he seems to prefer food that has a bit of spice to it.  If it’s too bland he doesn’t like it.


We are officially switched over to the sippy cup full-time.  It was much easier to make the switch after he learned to drink through a straw – I bought sippy cups with straw tops, and he does really well with them.  Most spout cups we’ve tried have way too strong of a valve, but without the valve they make a mess, and he only puts up with it so long before he gets tired of it and stops drinking.  So the straw cups have worked much better.

He thinks it’s hilarious to feed me his food, and he laughs and laughs when I take a bite of something he offers me.  I also give him a drinks out of my glass frequently, and sometimes he’ll grab the glass, and after he takes a drink he’ll push the glass toward my mouth and try to give me a drink – then he’ll crack up again when I actually do take a sip!  He’s so funny.

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Sleep has been okay, he seems to be waking up in the night on and off more lately, and I suspect it’s because of his molars working their way in.  I’ve given him a little baby Orajel before bed and it seems to help.  Mostly he’ll sleep 10-14 hours at night though, depending on how tiring our day was.

Wyatt is such a happy little guy, and he’s also a huge ham.  He loves to have the attention on himself, and if something he does makes someone laugh he’ll try to make them laugh again.  He laughs really easily at all my antics, and I love it!  He has such a sweet sense of humor, and I can’t wait to see how it develops.




I can’t believe how fast you are growing!  You seem less and less like a baby every day, but I love seeing how you are learning so many new things. I love your sweet smile – I love how we have our inside jokes and how you laugh at them no matter how many times we’ve done it before.  I love how you crawl so furiously to get to me quickly, how you pull yourself up by grabbing my jeans and how you bury your face in my legs, how you throw your arms out toward me when you want me to pick you up.  I love it when I’m holding you and you look at whoever I’m talking to and pat my chest while saying “Mama, mama, mama” – as if to tell everyone that I’m your mama and you’re my baby.  I love being your mama.  I love having you as my baby.  What a treasure you are, Wyatt, and I pray you never lose your happy spirit as you grow.  You are a joy to everyone you meet, and especially to your daddy and me.  We love you!

Love You Always,

Your Mama

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  1. I CANNOT believe how big he is, and it seems so hard to believe that 10 short months from now I'll be where you are right now with a sweet baby girl who continues to interact with us more & more! I can't wait, but I also pray for time to slow down!

  2. Callie, he is beautiful! He has a contagious smile and his eyes are so smiley! I can't believe he is 15 months already- he's growing up so fast.

  3. His smile makes me smile. You have such a sweet boy!

  4. He is definitely looking more like a toddler and less like a baby, I can't believe it! He has the cutest smile!

  5. Adorable! Thank you for sharing; he is getting so big. I wish we could watch him as he grows.

  6. oh is so precious!! Love his adorable smile!! His eating reminds me a lot of Savannah. She too still loves pureed foods, maybe once there molars come in they will do better with that! I am totally fine with it though, I'm in no hurry for my baby to grow up!

  7. Oh he's such a little cutie. I love the pictures iwth his nose scrunched up. Such a priceless expression, that I'm sure you'll see more of as he grows. What a sweetheart. God is so good.

  8. I could just eat him up! What a cutie!

  9. What a sweet little guy you have there! Truly blessed! :)
    Eat Cake

  10. He's getting so big!!!! Love hearing about what all he's doing now and the pictures too, of course! Makayla loves people too..she makes friends everywhere she goes!


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