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Moms and Babies is officially back for the fall!  For those of you who are newer readers, Moms and Babies is an interview I post each week with a different mom blogger, and it's a great way to get to know other moms in the blog world!  I currently have all the spots full for the fall, but I'll let you know when I start liking up more moms for the spring!
On with today's feature . . .
Today I'm featuring Cait from The Blessed Life!  I've been reading Cait's blog since before she got pregnant with her adorable little girl, and I always find her blog encouraging!  Read on to learn more about her!


Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Caitlin.  Most people call me Cait.  I share my heart on my blog, theblessedlife.  First of all, I’m a Christian, saved by grace and constantly striving to follow Christ.  I’m a wife to Justin.  We celebrated 4 years of marriage on July 19th.  We have known each other since Kindergarten! He was my first boyfriend in 4th grade and is my absolute best friend.  He’s a patient, kind, hard-working man and amazing daddy.  I’m a new mommy to Adeline Grace.  She’s the most amazing thing that God has ever blessed me with and I’m daily in awe of her.  I’m a part-time elementary school art teacher (this is new for this upcoming school year).  I will teach K-5 art 2.5 days out of the week.  I was a 3rd and/or 4th grade teacher the past 4 years.  I also work part-time in the office for my family’s landscape business.  These recent job changes have, praise the Lord, allowed me to now be with my sweet girl more.

What is/are your baby's name{s} and how old is/are he/she?
Our baby girl is Adeline Grace.  She was born on November 9, 2011 and is 10 months old.

Give us an idea of what a typical day looks like for you.
Our days change almost every single day and we stay on the go quite a bit.  However, a typical summer day goes like this:
8:30-9 Adeline wakes up.  I hear her chatting in her crib on the monitor.  I go in and greet her with “Good morning sunshine!” as her smile melts my heart all over again! I change her diaper, change her clothes if we have places to be (leave her in PJs if not), and nurse her.
9 We come into the kitchen and eat breakfast.  I make mine and hers.  Adeline usually eats oatmeal and sometimes some type of fruit.  I feed her and let her play in her highchair while I eat.  After this, I get ready while she plays in the doorway of my room and our bathroom in her Exersaucer.
9:30 We are out the door if it’s a day that I’m working for my parents.  If not, Adeline plays on the floor or in her Jumperoo while I clean a bit, play a bit with her, or we just stay lazy.
10:30/11ish Adeline goes down for her morning nap.  This usually takes 15-30 minutes to get her to go to sleep.  She sleeps for 30-45 minutes.  Maybe an hour on a good day.  I have a cat napper! During the nap, I get some things done around the house if we’re home and work if we’re at my parents’.
12 I nurse her and then we eat lunch.  She typically eats veggies and/or fruit for lunch.
12:30-2ish Varies.  Playtime, reading, walks, out and about for errands, etc.
2ish Afternoon nap.  Same routine.  She fights sleep…naps for a short while and is back at it! J
4 I nurse Adeline.
4 or 5 Justin gets home from work and if we’ve been at my parent’s, we head back home.  Justin usually takes a quick shower and then plays with Adeline while I fix dinner or we get ready to head out to eat with family some nights.
5 or 6 Dinner – Adeline eats at the same time as us in her highchair.  She usually has oatmeal/rice cereal and a veggie/fruit.
6-8 Varies.  We stay really busy, but if we’re at home, we lounge around or spend time outside.
8:00 Bath time if it’s bath night.  Bedtime routine begins…PJs, vitamins/gas drops as we rock, I nurse her and then put her down for the night. She almost always goes down really easy at night.  Many nights she will fall asleep nursing.
3 am or so – Adeline will wake still to nurse sometimes around this time and goes right back down.  (I’m okay with this and haven’t worked at all on nighttime weaning.)
7 am or so – Sometimes she will wake again to nurse.  Sometimes not.
We start all over! 

If you had to choose three words to describe your baby's personality{s}, what would they be?

How do I choose only three?! ;)
Spunky, sweet, joyful. 

What's your favorite part about being a mom?
Oh the joy it brings.  Seriously.  I’m in awe every single day of how much I love our sweet girl.  I love nurturing her and loving on her and teaching her things.  I love introducing her to new things and watching her smile and laugh.  I love to see her hit milestones and learn how to make new, silly faces.  I love how she pulls me outside of my comfort zone as I’m an introvert and she’s already such a little extrovert.  I love how I can’t get enough of her and that God chose me to be her mommy.  So amazing.

Do you have any tips on losing the baby weight and/or keeping up with your appearance after baby?
I’m a huge advocate for breastfeeding.  Thank the Lord, through much prayer I know, it has gone so smoothly for us since the beginning.  I know it’s what has helped me lose my baby weight!
I’m also a huge fan of the myfitnesspal app.  I love the accountability it provides for my diet choices and my activity level.
And finally, get moving in practical ways.  Do some lunges while holding your baby.  Take a walk pushing the stroller.  Clean your house quickly during a nap.
As far as appearance goes, as soon as you feel comfortable leaving the house without baby, treat yourself to a haircut.
Clean your closet out as soon as you can of all your pregnancy clothes and wear those clothes you couldn’t for 9 months as soon as you can.  You’ll feel like a new woman!
And even if you’re just going to be around the house…put on at least one article of clothing or one type of make-up or one good-smelling lotion that makes you feel good and confident. 
What have you and your husband done since your baby's arrival{s} to keep your relationship strong?
Confession…we have been horrible about dates.  Both of us would prefer to just take Adeline with us when we go out.  We prefer “family date night” on Fridays as we like to call it.  However, we have done some little things to keep our relationship strong.
We often rent movies and cuddle on the couch after Adeline goes to bed.  We watch TV together, even if it’s something one of us dislikes ;).  We have heart-to-hearts a lot in bed before we go to sleep…talking about what’s going on in our lives and sharing those deep-down thoughts.
Again…this dating your spouse area is a work in progress in our lives right now, for sure!
Are there any must-have products that you would recommend to other moms?
I could go on and on but here are the first three that come to my mind…Sophie the Giraffe, Moby wrap, Gentle Giraffe and/or Sleep Sheep.

What has been your favorite moment or outing as a family so far?
We recently took a long weekend family vacation of just us three to the Smoky Mountains.  We stayed in a great lodge-like hotel that had a great swimming pool and lazy river that we enjoyed.  We hiked, ate lots of good food, and went to a huge aquarium.  We laughed a lot, snuggled as a family a lot, and took lots of pictures and videos.  We just had a wonderful time as just us three enjoying being around each other and soaking in those moments that can so easily get passed by if we don’t slow down now and again.
Any advice for first-time mothers?
Oh my.  I’m still one, so I’m still learning.  But just on my almost 10 months of experience, I could write an entire post on this. Oh wait, I probably have on my blog! ;) However, here are my top ten pieces of advice…
10.  Don’t get overwhelmed by it, but document every moment you can.  Journaling, pictures, blogging. Whatever works for you.  You’ll be so thankful you did.
9.  Trust your husband and let him help.
8.  Don’t be surprised when you do those things you said you would never do.
7.  Be over-prepared when you go places.  I mean, diaper-filled-to-the-brim, will-hardly-zip, over-prepared.
6.  Don’t beat yourself up.  If you make a mistake, take it for what it’s worth, have a good cry, learn from it, and move on.
5.  Don’t worry about specifics on milestones.  If your child is happy and thriving, that’s all that matters.
4.  When all else fails, call your mom.
3.  Don’t compare yourself to other moms.
2.  Do what you think is best for your child.  You and your husband know them better than anyone else.
1.  Pray.
Thanks Cait!  Stop by Cait's blog to learn more about her family and say hello!
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  2. Loved this!!! I relate in so many ways! Wonderfully written. :)

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