New Routine Around Here

So, my husband got a new job.

If you've been reading for a while you'll remember that I just said he got a new job about 7 months ago, and he did.  And it was a good job . . . but I have never seen Derek so stressed out about work. The environment of that job was just very stressful, so much so that it started give Derek stomach problems.  He went to the doctor and confirmed that it was stress-related, and it didn't surprise me, because a few other people in the office had health problems that were also potentially stress-related.

It was just not good, so before his six-month trial period came up I encouraged him to see if he could find something else.  We prayed that if the Lord had something better for our family that He would work it out.

Derek ended up getting in contact with his old auditor, and he got a job with them!  He started this past Monday.

The thing about this job is that since he'll be an auditor for different cities, he has to travel around quite a bit.  The year is broken up into 3 month increments - alternating between working from home for 3 months, then out on the road for 3 months.  So for 6 months of the year Derek will be gone during the week.

The good thing is that he'll be home every weekend during those three months, and then during the next three months he'll be home almost all the time since he'll be working from home for three months!  So while the six months that he's gone will be rough the six months that he's home we'll get to see him a lot more.

It's going to be a big change for our family.  I'll be doing everything around here during the week while he's gone.  I admit, I'm a bit nervous for the next three-month period when I have to do this alone during the week with two kids, and I'm worried it'll get a little lonely around here for me in the evenings.  But then I think of all those military wives who go a full year at a time without having their husbands home, and I think that this setup can't be that bad!

Overall I think this will be a good thing for our family, and it's a good career move for Derek, so I'm excited about it.

Now just to get high-speed internet so we can do FaceTime when he's gone!

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  1. Wow! What an exciting new change for your family! I'm glad he was able to leave the stressful job and get a new one.

  2. God is so good to work things out for you guys! Even though him being gone during the week for a while will be rough, like you said, having him home all the time for a while will be great!!! Wish we lived closer so I could keep you company during the seasons where he's on the road during the week!

  3. Wow, I'm so glad he found a better job, work stress is just not worth it! And it will be nice to have him around I'm sure!

  4. Congrats to your hubby on the new job!! Sounds like it was a good move all around..being so stressed due to work just isn't a good thing. It will be hard to not have him at home..but God will get you through!!!

  5. That is wonderful that he found another job so quickly. I'm sure the 3 month stretches where he's gone during the week will be challenging, but what a blessing during the 3 months he'll be able to stay at home!

    My husband hates his job, and it stresses him out so much. He really needs to get out of there, but jobs are just so hard to come by these days. I keep praying that something better will come along that he will actually enjoy!

  6. Wow, big changes, but I know you can handle it, Callie! I'm so glad the Lord opened a door for him. :)

  7. My husband is just finishing up a schooling program that has kept him away from home save but four nights a week (and zero days). (3 days left YAY!!!) I'm not going to lie, it was rough. It definitely stretched us, but we have grown so much. Something I learned along the way (hope its okay to share) is that I tried so hard to jam as much family time into the time when he was home that I was exhausted and we, as a married couple, were struggling. I had to change priorities, and make it about Mike and I first, and then the kids second (also I had to chill out a little and plan way less, be okay with a messy house and just enjoy the time together.) Kids cope very well if mommy is in a good place. And mommy is in a good place if her marriage is in a good place. Also don't be afraid to ask for help. :)
    So glad to meet you. I was paying you a visit back after your kind words, and realized I should have been your follower since you were co-hosting the link up. Oops! :) Following you now... and happily so. What a sweet place you have.

  8. what a big change, but sounds like a good one! A stressful job is never a good thing for anyone! Congrats to your hubby...definitely sounds like good opened the right door at the right time!

  9. Congrats to Derek!!! Brandon traveled every week when Thomas' was a newborn. I had a routine that I followed every day when he was away, and it really helped. We also made the most of our family time when Brandon was home. We appreciated every moment when we were all together.

  10. so glad that he is with a different job! Stress is never a good thing!

  11. That's great!!

    Also--with the new iPhone software, FaceTime can be used over the regular cell network- no WiFi needed!


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