On A Fall Day 11 Years Ago . . .


Eleven years ago on this day, my mom came downstairs to wake me up, saying something about a plane crashing into a tower and it being history happening right now.  In my sleepy confusion I thought it must be some program on the History Channel that she wanted us to watch for school, so I got up and took my time getting ready.

When I came upstairs and realized this was not a History Channel program but a real event happening right now, I just stared at the TV in shock.  We were glued to the news coverage the rest of the day, and I watched as people jumped from the burning buildings and then as the towers fell . . . 

Later I just needed a break, so I went outside for a walk along our driveway.  The leaves were just starting to change, and the air had that crisp fall smell.  It was a perfect day.  

Except it wasn't.  It was a horrifying and terrifying day for our nation.  I remember just walking up and down the driveway, praying for those people, praying for the victims'  families, praying for the emergency personnel who were our heroes, praying for our president and our country.

Even though it's been 11 years, it's one of those days that will forever be burned into my memory, and I think into all of the memories of those of us who were old enough to understand.  It just seems wrong somehow to let today pass without acknowledging it.

Today really is a perfect fall day.  The leaves are changing, and the air once again has that crisp feel to it.  No one is attacking our homeland today.  

Americans won't forget what happened 11 years ago, and we can't forget those who fight to make sure that it never happens again.  They are heroes still.

Remembering those we lost, and praying for our military today,



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  1. I remember my mom waking me up as well because my dad was on a plane to NYC that very morning. We sat and watched the news all day while my mom tried to call my dad. We did hear from him until later that day but they had turned his plane around over Oklahoma and wouldn't tell them anything. It was truly shocking and so very sad. My family actually went to NYC the following month and the state of the city was so sad. I won't ever forget that day either!

  2. I remember like it was yesterday, sitting in my study hall classroom, watching the 2nd plane hit and then both towers collapsing. It wasn't until just after the collapse that I remembered my dad had flown to NYC on Monday for a business meeting. When I did remember where he was, I pretty much lost it. I didn't know where in NYC his meeting was. I went to my choir directors office to call my mom and she reassured me it was not in any of the WTC buildings. He was safe and we got to talk to him later that evening...but he was stranded in NY for almost 2 weeks before he could get a flight home. A day I will always remember!


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