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The Scent of Rain by Kristin Billerbeck is a Christian chic-lit novel about a girl named Daphne.  Daphne is a perfumer and professional "nose", who is left at the altar.  She finds herself alone and stuck with a job in Ohio that she took in order to start her new life with her now ex-fiance.  As if that wasn't bad enough she loses her sense of smell and is unable to do this new job, but she has no where else to go so she heads to Ohio, hoping her sense of smell will return before she actually has to start any work.  Her new boss is a handsome widower . . . and that's all I'll say to avoid spoiling the book, but I'm sure you can guess the rest!

I actually really enjoyed this book.  The characters were likable, and even though not a lot actually happened in the book, it kept me wanting to read it.  I've read other books by Billerbeck, and this is probably one of my favorites from her.

I have to say that I felt like some of the conversations and the flow of the plot were a bit confusing.  Some of the details that could have been a bit more dramatic or added more of a mystery to the plot seemed to just be mentioned in passing.  I felt there was more potential there that wasn't tapped.

That said, Billerbeck writes chic-lit, not mysteries, and as chic-lit, I liked this one.  It was a light, enjoyable read.  Nothing too deep or suspenseful, and it met all my expectations in a pleasant way.  It was one of those books that you can pick up and enjoy and that you look forward to reading, but that is also easy to put down while you do other things - a good beach or vacation read. Or a good mom-of-a-toddler-who doesn't-give-her much-time-to-read read.  Whichever the case may be!

Note: I received this book for free from the publisher through their Booksneeze program in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.

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