Six Years Later - An Anniversary Letter

Last Saturday was the six year anniversary of the day Derek and I got married!  It's been the best six years of my life.  I wrote this to him over the weekend, and I wanted to share it today.

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To My Man,

Today was our six year anniversary.  I can't believe we got married six years ago! I can still picture you standing in front as I walked down the aisle. You were grinning from ear to ear.

We went to my cousin's wedding today and we were gone all day since I was in the bridal party. I know we didn't get to go out on a date, but I'm thinking going to a wedding was actually a perfect way to celebrate. As I watched the bride getting ready and fussing with her hair, I remembered how I felt six years ago when I was getting ready to marry you.  During the ceremony, I was remembering how exciting it was when the pastor announced that we were husband and wife. As we threw rose petals at the happy couple, I remembered us jumping in the car and driving off into our life together.

I was looking at some of our wedding pictures the other day - what babies we were!  We have come so far since then, haven't we? We've learned that every day isn't a fairy tale, and life will throw you curve balls. We're no longer that same starry-eyed young couple, but the years have served to show me that I really did hit the jackpot when I met you.  I love you more today than I knew I could then.

During the reception they played our song. As Ingrid crooned about wise men and rivers rushing to the sea, I grabbed your hand and we danced - one child squished between us, one holding my other hand and swaying back and forth to the music. About halfway through I had to pull away and take care of the third little one, crying from his car seat.  But I made it back in time to sing my favorite line into your ear.

Some things are meant to be.

I love you with all my heart.


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  1. This is beautiful, Callie! Beautiful song too...

  2. So sweet :) Cheers to 6 wonderful years together and 100 more :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Our 7 year is actually today. :-)

  4. so precious! happy anniversary Callie!

  5. So sweet..happy anniversary!!

  6. Awww... This is the sweetest thing!!! Happy anniversary!!! :-)


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