About Me

I am a Christian, a twenty-something wife, and a mama to the cutest little kids I know! I live in the mountains with the love of my life, our two (soon to be three!) kiddos, and two energetic dogs.

I work one day a week as a dental hygienist, and the rest of the time I stay home with my sweet children (and write on this blog). I also write for Tommy Nelson's blog, and you can check out those posts here!

My husband and I welcomed our first child, Wyatt, into the world in February 2011, our daughter, Gwendolyn, in December 2012, and our third baby, Clyde, in April 2014! Our children are our greatest blessings, and it is a privilege to be their parents. It wasn't an easy road for us to get pregnant the first two times, but the Lord surprised us with our third!  We have learned through our trying-to-conceive experiences that the Lord's timing is always perfect.

I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was four years old. I feel very blessed to have grown up in a Christian household, and my parents helped me grow in my faith through my childhood years. Jesus is not only my Savior but my constant Friend, though I could never deserve it, and I've never for a moment regretted giving my life to Him.  You can read the long version of my testimony here.

This is just a blog about my thoughts, things that Lord has been teaching me, our married life together, and our journey through parenthood. I hope in some small way my musings can be an encouragement to you, but also that you might draw closer to Jesus as you read! My vision is so muddled and foggy, but someday He'll make it all clear.

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