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Uncharted Territory - 40 Weeks (Baby #4)

We are in uncharted territory this week!  I have never even made it to 39 weeks with any of the other kids, much less gone overdue!

I am feeling good - baby dropped a few weeks ago, and now that she is not up in my ribs all the time I am pretty comfortable.  No false labor.  I had cramps for a couple days between 38-39 weeks, but nothing for the last week.  Occasional Braxton Hicks, but barely worth mentioning.  Baby seems to be very happy staying in there as long as she can get away with.

She scared me by barely moving one day a couple weeks ago, so I went in for a non-stress test and biological profile.  They estimated her to be about 7 lbs, 6 oz.  I'm curious to see how big she really is when she comes!  I do know that she is big enough that her sudden movements are actually painful, which only happened rarely, if ever, in previous pregnancies.  There is just not much room left in there!

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love

A couple weeks ago we had our maternity photo session for Baby #4! I am very pleased with the way they turned out.  My dear friend is a photographer, and graciously agreed to take photos for us, and as always she did a fantastic job!

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass

At this point, we have had a lot of maternity shoots (and family photos in general), so I wanted to take this post not only to share our photos with you all, but to share some tips on how you can help ensure that you will love your maternity photos.

Do your research.  

I think this is the most important thing to do if you want to end up with maternity photos that you will really like.  Search Pinterest, find the photos that jump out at you, and ask yourself the following questions:

-What do you specifically like about these photos?
-What colors/lighting trends do you see in the photos you like?
-What kinds of settings are the photos taken in?
-What are the people wearing in these photos?
-Are there any poses you especially like?

Hopefully as you gather ideas and ask yourself these questions, a common thread will appear.  Then your next step is to find a photographer with a similar aesthetic.

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass

Find a photographer with a similar style.  

This step was pretty easy for me, because my friend is a photographer who has a style that I love!  But for one of our maternity sessions I had to find a different photographer because Danae just had her own sweet baby, so I have some experience with the search too.  To find our photographer, I googled "maternity photographer" in my area, and as I searched through the results I was looking for a few specific things:

-How many images you will get from your session, and do you get printing rights?
-Does this photographers style match the style of photos that I like?

For me, it was important that I get a set of images in digital format that I would have a right to reprint and share online (not all photographers offer this), and it was important that the photographer's other work appealed to me and was similar to what I had in mind. Pay attention to the details when picking your photographer!

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass

Pick your clothes carefully.  

The first few times we took family photos (especially maternity photos), I was more concerned that whatever clothes I wore made me look as slender as possible.  I didn't pay much attention to pattern or colors, aside from making sure we weren't clashing.  But as I did a bit more research, I realized that in a lot of ways, the outfits make the photo.  Choose your outfits carefully!  

-Choose a color scheme.  Pay attention to your inspiration photos and figure out if you like bright or subdued colors, and dark or light colors.  For me, I figured out that I like our photos best if at least one of us is wearing a lighter color.  Then I love to incorporate blue, aqua, or mint to add some color!

-Mix patterns and solids.  Patterns can add interest to your photos.  If you mix together more than one pattern, just make sure they are dissimilar - like the stripes with the geometric pattern in our photos.

-Reflect your normal style.  There is no reason to completely change what you would normally wear, just for photos.  Try to find items that will photograph well and are still things that you would actually wear!

-Don't be afraid to wear something more flowy for maternity photos.  It took me a while to figure this out, but your clothes for a maternity photo don't have to naturally accentuate your bump all by themselves, because often your photographer will have you put your hands on your belly.  So you can hold the fabric under your tummy to define your bump.  This opens up a lot more clothing options!

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass

Loosen up.  

It can be hard to be yourself with a photographer that you may have never met before. Thankfully you are usually taking pictures with family members, so interact with them like you normally would.  Smile, tell inside jokes, laugh, poke their stomach - whatever, just try to keep everyone loose and have fun with it! This is easy for me, because Derek and I (especially Derek) are naturally hams, but even if that's not you, do your best.  Your pictures turn out better when there are some natural, candid smiles in there (this is coming straight from my dear photographer's mouth).  Your photographer will have more fun with your session too, which is great for building a relationship if you continue with the same photographer after your baby comes.

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass

Choose to love your photos.  

I think so often women struggle with negative internal talk about how they look in photos, and it can especially happen when someone is not entirely comfortable with their pregnant body.  I'm not saying there are not truly bad pictures that should be trashed (like those ones at Thanksgiving that catch you mid-bite), but most photos, especially ones taken by a professional photographer, are not going to fall into that category.  This is how you looked when you were carrying a precious new life - this is you and your baby in this moment.  Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and it's not something that can ever be repeated.  Quiet that negative self-talk, recognize the beauty of this stage in your life that you have captured in these photos, and love them for that.

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass

What did I miss, guys?  
What are your best maternity (or family) photo session tips?  

5 Tips To Get Maternity Photos You Will Love | Through Clouded Glass

Full Term! 38 Weeks (Baby #4)

This might be my last pregnancy update (fingers crossed)! I am 38 weeks pregnant, and I have never made it past 39 weeks, so the next baby update could be a birth announcement!

The week before last week was the most uncomfortable week that I have ever spent pregnant.  Maybe it is because this is my fourth baby, but my body is taking this pregnancy a lot harder than my last three.  

The good news is that Baby has dropped!  She was so high for a while there that it hurt to bend over at all, but I am finally able to tie my own shoes again with only reasonable effort.  I think this may be part of why this pregnancy has been harder - my other three all started out low.  Since she dropped last week, I have been feeling a lot more comfortable and energetic.

36 Weeks - We Are Having A Baby This Month!

You know what I find annoying?  The way they, whoever "they" are, decided to move back the marker for reaching "term" in a pregnancy.  It used to be 36 weeks back when I was pregnant with Wyatt, and 37 weeks was full term.  Now I think 37 weeks is term, and 38 weeks is full term?  I don't know, I just know I have reached 36 weeks, which would mean I have reached term if this were four years ago!

Almost Ready - 34 Weeks Baby #4

Another two weeks have gone by already!  I took an un-intentional blog break over the last week and a half, and it was a good break - allowed me time to get things under control before this little girl arrives!

I am now 34 weeks in this pregnancy, and Baby Girl definitely seems to be growing.  Her kicks and movements are much stronger.  As far as I can tell, she has stayed head-down, and her movements are so much more fun now there her feet are higher!  I can feel little limbs and her bum through my belly, and she seems to have gotten a little braver and is interacting with my poking and prodding a little more.

A Baby Celebration! (32 Weeks Baby #4)

This week I am 32 weeks pregnant with our fourth baby!  Only two months (or less) to go.

I am feeling good this week, except for heartburn that is ramping up a little bit.  Hopefully this means Baby Girl is growing some hair, but we will see!  I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions here and there.  I feel like our little girl is doing somersaults in there, because ever since my last doctor's appointment her kicks have been all over the place.

Breech Baby - 30 Weeks (Baby #4)

We are into the thirties now!  I am thirty weeks today.

We had a doctor's appointment a week or so ago, and I had another ultrasound since they couldn't see everything they needed to last time.  The tech was really sweet, and she kind of went over all the anatomy again.  It was fun to have practically another whole anatomy scan and spend all that time looking at our girl!  

We got a few adorable shots of our little girl's face, and she was so grumpy!  She had this little frown on her face the whole time.  At one point she scrunched up her face, like she would have let out a loud cry if she was on the outside.  It was pretty cute!  Apparently she is not a big fan of ultrasounds.

26 Weeks Baby #4 - Uncomfortable

I am 26 weeks pregnant now!  The last couple weeks Baby Girl has been developing hearing (she should be able to hear Derek talking now, as well as me), and she is probably starting to practice breathing movements!

GIRL! (24 Weeks Baby #4)

We are finally back from vacation, and I was able to sort through all my pictures!  We took the 24 week belly pictures the day we left for vacation, so this update is really late - I'm really 25.5 weeks now.

Of course the big news is that we finally revealed the gender to everyone . . . and it's a GIRL! We are so excited to be expecting another little lady!  I think it will be good for Gwen to have a little sister to play with.

Honestly, I was a bit surprised!  I try not to get my head set on one gender too much either way, but for a couple weeks there I was pretty sure it was going to be a boy.  I tell you, my pregnancy symptoms have been so weird this time around.  This is my fourth baby, so I figured I could make a pretty educated gender guess, but I have had boy and girl symptoms throughout most of the pregnancy!  When my dad was joking at our ice cream social gender reveal party that it was twins, I told him he shouldn't mess with my head, because my symptoms were making me wonder for a while there!

I am so happy it's a girl though, and Derek and I have a good idea of what her name will be.  It may change, because I am not 100% sure, and I like to keep my options open, but it's pretty likely.

Now that I know it's a girl, I am anxious to go shopping and get started on her baby quilt!  I have an idea in my head for the color scheme, but it all depends on whether I can find the right fabric for what I have in mind.  I did see some cute decorations for the "baby corner" at Hobby Lobby though, so I will probably pick those up soon.  You can check out my baby Pinterest board for some of the quilt patterns I'm looking at!

Baby Girl is now officially "viable" (even though babies can survive as early as 22 weeks!), so that is kind of exciting! Lungs and taste buds are developing more this week.  I can tell the lungs are developing, because I have already felt some hiccups from our little girl here and there!

This little girl is not a big mover, but I can tell she is getting bigger, because when she does move it is more pronounced.  I can tell by the movements that she is still sitting really low down (which I think is weird, since I am carrying higher).  For a while I think her days and nights were mixed up, but now I am feeling more movement during the day - now if she can just keep her schedule straightened out until she comes!

I have been feeling great, with just some back pain when I am on my feet too long.  Most of the other unpleasant symptoms have subsided, so I think I have entered the easy part of pregnancy! I should get moving on all my baby projects while I still have the energy!

Maternity Outfit Details:

Jean Jacket - Target (similar)
White Patterned Shirt (which is actually supposed to be a dress) - Forever21 
Pilazzo Pants - Target (similar)
Shoes - JustFab
Earrings - (which was a limited time deal, but I also like these ones.)

Healthy Baby - 22 Weeks #4

This week I am 22 weeks pregnant!  And yes, we know the gender!  I’m not gong to spill it until next Monday though, so stay tuned...

Our anatomy ultrasound went well, except for an odd ultrasound tech - but Baby Four looked great!  There were a couple structures they couldn’t get a good look at, because the baby was curled into a little ball way down low.  I thought it was so funny to see how this baby was laying, because basically he/she was laying sort of transverse, sort of head down, and facing down.  Baby Four was curled up with arms and legs tucked in, but he/she was moving the entire time - just moving arms and legs in little circles or tiny stretches!  The hands were balled into little fists too, so Baby kind of looked like a tiny little professional boxer, dodging and jabbing.  It was so cute!

In addition to the positioning, I also found out I have an anterior placenta - which explains why I wasn’t feeling as much movement.  Baby was moving constantly, but I couldn’t feel most of it because of the tight tucking in and placenta.

I have to do another ultrasound next time I go in, just so they can look at the aortic arch and spine a little better - and hey, I’m not going to say no to seeing my baby again!  But everything looked great, and we are so thankful for a healthy baby!  Heart rate was (if I remember right) around 155 bpm.  I’ve gained about 9 pounds so far, which is right about on track.

I am feeling good, though I have definitely been getting more lower back pain the last couple weeks - and I wonder if it has something to do with the way Baby was laying.  All my other kids were in a nice head down position at their anatomy ultrasounds, so this one is doing his/her own thing.  It probably also wouldn’t hurt to get a chiropractic adjustment - my back muscles actually cramped up on my right side the other day to the point where I couldn’t move without pain.  My brother had to come over to help me get the kids out of the car (we just got home), and I had to lay on the couch for an hour before it finally felt normal again.  So an adjustment might be in order.

I have been feeling the baby move way more ever since the ultrasound, which makes me think maybe he/she changed position (or maybe just got bigger).  I am so glad, because baby movement is my favorite part of pregnancy and it is finally starting to pick up!  The movements are mostly really low down, but I have felt a few nudges above my belly button too, so I’m not sure what Baby is doing in there. I felt like I could almost feel a couple kicks from the outside, which is exciting!  I’m hoping Derek can feel the baby soon.

The kids are being so cute about the pregnancy, as always.  Wyatt will randomly comment about how my tummy is getting bigger, and Gwen points sometimes and says “There’s a baby in der.”  Clyde has no clue what is going on, but he gives me kisses all the time (he is my kissiest baby to date), and sometimes if I’m laying on the couch he’ll kiss my tummy, which is adorable!

Preparations?  Nothing new for the baby’s actual arrival, but we have our gender reveal part coming up on Saturday!  Though I am starting to worry about how it will go.  I was so excited to do an outdoor party at a park this time around, but for the last 2-3 weeks it was been raining almost every day - so I am praying that we don’t get rained out!  I’m crossing my fingers that we won’t get any major weather that day and can proceed as planned.

Maternity Outfit Details:

Jean jacket - Target (similar style)
Black lace top - Forever 21
Necklace - A gift from my MOPS secret sister, Lindsay!  So I'm not sure where. (similar style)
Patterned trouser pants - Target
Black sandals - Payless, a long time ago (similar style)

And can I talk for a minute about this spring/summer's fashion and say that I am so glad there are so many stretchy waistbands? I wasn't sure about the whole palazzo/lounge pant trend at first, but then it occurred to me that these pants are perfect for pregnancy.  So comfortable, and hopefully I can get a bit more use out of them next summer too!

I will have the big announcement up on the blog next Monday, but if you haven’t had a chance to vote on what you think the baby is, you can fill out the form below!

Someone who gets it right will be getting a Starbucks on me, just for fun.  I’m excited for everyone to know!  It’s been challenging avoiding baby conversations and watching my words so I don’t let it slip!

Check back next week for the news!

The Big Day! (20 Weeks Baby #4)

As of Monday I am 20 weeks pregnant, and it is starting to hit me that this is real.  I am going to have another precious baby to snuggle in just a few short months.

I have never been pregnant through an entire summer, but this year I will be.  Oh, I have heard all the horror stories of how awful it is to be pregnant during the hot days of summer (thankfully I live in a state that is not humid, so I'm hoping that works in my favor).  I am more concerned about how fast the rest of this pregnancy is going to go by since it is through the summer.  Summer always seems to go by so fast anyway, and I want to make this a slow, lazy summer, so I can enjoy all the little pregnancy milestones!

Baby is ten inches long from head to toe - ten inches!  Apparently that's about the length of a banana, and it's hard for me to believe that my baby is that big already.  You would think I wouldn't be surprised by this stuff anymore, but pregnancy is just as miraculous the fourth time as it is the first time.

I have definitely been feeling more kicks, but this baby has been pretty gentle so far.  It still just feels like little bubble pops on the inside of my stomach.  No movement from the outside yet, but I imagine that will start soon.  This baby doesn’t seem to move as much as the other kids did at this point, but my memory may be faulty.  I have had a feeling from the beginning that this one is a more mellow baby - we will see if I'm right when he/she makes their appearance!

Speaking of he/she, today is the big day - we find out the gender of our little one!  Unfortunately we were not able to pull our gender reveal party together in time to do it this Saturday, so we are having it on the 30th instead - so I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to make everyone wait!

I will make the gender reveal announcement on the blog on June 1st, and just for fun, I am holding a little poll/contest - make your guess with the form at the bottom of this post, and I’ll randomly pick one of the correct guessers and send you a Starbucks gift card!  Just for fun!  If you want more information about this pregnancy before you make your guess, here are the most common questions.

-Carrying high or low?  Higher than any of my other pregnancies.

-Sweet or sour?  Vegetables, so I guess sour!  Though brownies have been hitting the spot lately too.

-Hands palms up or palms down?  Palms up.

-Nails/hair/hands?  Nails are most definitely weaker, hands are dry.

-Morning sickness?  I never get much morning sickness, but this has been the easiest pregnancy yet.

-First trimester heart rate? 163 bpm.

-Do I have a feeling one way or another?  I did, but now I don’t know.  And if I did, I wouldn’t tell you, because that might give you an unfair advantage (or lead you to guess wrong, as the case may be).

-And the belly comparison?

You can also read these posts if you want to do some research before making a guess!

Boy or Girl?  (Where I compare my last three pregnancies.)
20 Weeks with Wyatt
20 Weeks with Gwen
20 Weeks with Clyde

And that’s all the help you get!

I have started becoming more unsure of whether this baby is a boy or girl.  I am still going with my original guess, but it seems like some symptoms are no longer fitting in the box as nicely, so I am not sure anymore.  I won’t be surprised either way, and I am going to be thrilled with either a boy or girl!

I am still feeling really good.  I have been having a horrible time dragging myself out of bed the last week or so, but I suppose a little fatigue is to be expected.

One thing I keep neglecting to mention is how much round ligament pain I am having this time!  It is worse this pregnancy than any of my others, for sure, and it started early - like in the first trimester. I rolled over the other night and got a shooting pain all around my belly, and I was worried about the baby - but the next day he/she was moving around in there happy as can be, so it was just really bad ligament pain.  I'm hoping it doesn't get too much worse!

I have also been feeling more emotional in the last couple weeks, and I tear up at random things.

Maternity outfit details:

Shirt: Pink Blush Maternity (similar style)
Kimono: Target (similar)
Jacket: Target (similar)
Moto Stitched Denim Pants: JustFab
Boots:  Charlotte Russe (a long time ago - similar style)
Sunglasses: Target

Not too much longer and we will know if this is a little mister or miss!  And if I know you in real life, can you just not ask me anything about my baby or pregnancy for the next two weeks so I don't accidentally spill the beans?  Thanks.  Stay tuned!

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Slowing Down (18 Weeks Baby #4)

Before I started writing this pregnancy update, I looked up information about the baby at 18 weeks pregnant.  I haven't remembered to do this every week this pregnancy, and it was so cool to realize that baby is 5 1/2 inches long.  That is just head to rump, not counting legs.  That's huge!  It's cool to think about, because I haven't checked the baby's size for a while.  I think last time I checked, the baby was only a couple inches long!  This is also the week that Baby Four can start to hear me, and he/she can start to sense light from outside the womb.  It's so cool to think about how the baby is big enough to start to get to know me in utero.  It's amazing to think about how God is knitting all the details of this little baby together as I type!

I am feeling good the last couple weeks!  I have been a bit more tired, but nothing like the fatigue I had in the first trimester.  I still have had no real second trimester food cravings or aversions this pregnancy, which seems a little unusual, but it's nice to be able to eat everything.  A couple pairs of pants got a bit uncomfortable to wear in the last couple weeks, and I used the rubber band trick for the first time, so I know baby is growing in there.


This week a couple of my symptoms seem to be different than the gender I was originally guessing, so I will no longer be shocked if my boy/girl guess is wrong.  It's confusing, having gone through pregnancies with both boys and a girl, because I feel like I can make a pretty educated guess now, but I might not be right!

Speaking of the gender, Derek and I have spent the last week brainstorming ideas for our gender reveal party, and I think we're going to have it on the weekend of May 30th (tentatively).  Which means I'll have to keep the secret for a couple weeks after we find out.  I hope I can do it!  I am always afraid I will accidentally let a "he" or "she" slip.  I did pretty good with Wyatt and Gwen, but I did let the secret out to one person on accident with Clyde.  I'll just have to keep thinking in terms of "the baby", and not get not any long conversations with anyone for a couple weeks!

The first part of this pregnancy has been such a whirlwind, and we have had so many things going on in our family, that I haven't been able to take the time to enjoy it.  But now all the major stresses are over, and I've been able to slow down and notice more things about this pregnancy.  I finally have time to enjoy it, dream about our baby a little, and look forward to the rest of my pregnancy!  I love being pregnant, and I want to cherish every minute of this time with my littlest little.  I am so grateful for a healthy little one thumping around in my belly!

I'm wearing a lot more dresses/skirts this pregnancy.  Here are my outfit details:

Dress: Goodwill (similar pattern/style).
Sandals (which you can't see very well): Target (similar style)
Earrings: I've had these so long, I don't remember! (similar style)
Bracelet: Got these through a MOPS jewelry exchange. (but I like these too)
Slouchy Bag: Target (similar style)
Nail polish: Essie (Penny Talk)

(Derek snapped this of me running from the car, trying to avoid the rain!  It's a good thing we take belly/outfit pictures on Sundays. It was snowing at our house yesterday, but it was only raining at our church building, so we took some pictures there after the service!)

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