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Why I Didn't Wear A Veil (Simply Bridal Giveaway!)

When I got married, I decided not to wear a veil.  

I liked the idea of a veil, and there was one at the bridal store that I actually liked, but it was half the cost of my dress!  It's amazing how pricey they can get.  I didn't really need it to achieve the look I was going for, and it wasn't in the budget, so I ended up not wearing one.

I was happy not having a veil, but if I had been able to find a more affordable one that I liked I might have worn it for the ceremony.

Recently I was contacted by a representative of Simply Bridal, which is a discount online bridal shop - I poked around on their website, and they have a gorgeous selection of veils for deeply discounted prices!  I think if I had worn a veil at my wedding, I would have picked one like this:

They also have a huge selection of dresses.  This one stood out to me, (I admit, largely because of the name):

Simply Bridal has offered to give one of my readers a veil of their choice!  

Or for those of us who are already married, you can choose a piece of their bridal jewelry - if I were to pick one, I think I'd get this one, but that's just me.  It would have gone perfect with the earrings I wore on my wedding day, but I think it'd be pretty to wear now too!

To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below!  Giveaway will end on July 24th.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Soundtrack To A Love Story

Jessica did something similar to this for her hubby on their anniversary last year, and I loved it so I'm stealing her idea!  All the links in the post below are to different songs.  Call it a "soundtrack" to our love story.  These are for you, Derek!


Derek, I can't believe we've been married for five years now!  These have been some of the best years of my life, and that's because I married you.

DSC 0029 eeblog

DSC 0033 eblog

I was thinking back over our story this week, and how we met.  I remember the week I first noticed you.  I kept hoping you'd look my way all night, but you didn't, and it really annoyed me!  The next week though, you were standing by by the door as I walked in, and you looked right at me and said hello.  I forgot how annoyed I was at you pretty quickly.

DSC 0721 ringsblog

DSC 0402 eblog

We had both kind of stopped worrying about finding someone at the same time that we met.  Funny how that works, huh?  God brought us together out of the blue.  After our first date I knew I liked you.  A lot.  Those dating days were so carefree and fun.  We fell in love pretty quickly.  Our first kiss, in your car before your hockey game, just confirmed to me that we were meant to be

DSC 0036 e2blog

DSC 0599 eblog

It didn't take us long to know that we wanted to get married.  I knew a proposal was coming, but you still took me by surprise that day! My heart was pounding when I realized what was going on, but I was so excited.  I knew I wanted to be your girl for the rest of my life.

DSC 0071 e1blog

Our wedding day was perfect (even with the grass-green cake that the bakery messed up).  They threw the rice, we took off in your car, and our life together started.  We've come a long way since then.

DSC 0485 e1blog

DSC 0489 e2blog

We didn't plan on both being unemployed at the same time just a few months after we tied the knot, but those early days were still some of my favorites.  It was rough, but we were together, so it was all good.  We got jobs, settled into our house, and learned how to work with each other.  

DSC 0601 eblog

DSC 0263 e1blog

I'll never forget the day the day that pregnancy test finally turned positive.  You laughed and I cried, I was so happy!  What I didn't know then was how amazing it would be to see you as a father, and how we would become even more of a team doing this work of parenting together.

DSC 0686 eblog

Things will change as the years go on, and sometimes I wish I could slow time down.  But through it all, I'll have you.  What a gift from God you are to me.

DSC 0725 B Wblog

We had our fights (still do), and I know I'm still working at being the kind of wife I want to be.  But I think we both know these are good times.   We've been through a lot so far, and I know we'll go through a lot more in our lives together, but I wouldn't trade one day. Whether you realize it or not, you've made all my dreams come true.  I love everything about you, even through the rough patches.

DSC 0551 e2blog

I think I'll keep you forever.  Happy 5th Anniversary, Babe!  

My Sister Is Married!


My sister got married last Saturday!  Everything went off without much of a hitch (except for me accidentally being an hour late – but it worked out okay).  My sister looked like a vision, and it was a beautiful ceremony and reception. 

I might have almost cried once or twice.

Here are a few pictures!

My gorgeous sister.






The three of us!




My sister with my mom and dad.




My and the beautiful bride!




I had to do one self-portrait.




Me and my guys.




  Both of my guys looked pretty dashing.  And is Wyatt’s little suit not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?




The cake and presents.


wedding collage




My friend, Hazel, took the next two pictures – sorry the last one is so small!


Me giving my toast – I’ve never given a toast before, but I think it went well.  I said what a beautiful couple they are, that I’m praying for the Lord to bless their life together, and that I wish them many years of happiness, many blessings, and many babies!


And Hazel finally got to meet Wyatt!  Here we are together.



The couple’s first dance!




Father-daughter dance (I almost cried again here).




And finally Aunt Rachel and Uncle Ben with my little man!




It was a gorgeous wedding!  Now the bride and groom are in Florida, soaking up the sun and going to Disney World!

I may be slightly jealous. In the best way. But I can't wait until they get back!

The One Where I Ruin A Wedding And Eat Cookies


This Saturday my sister is getting married.  It’s hard to believe how fast the months have gone by!  It feels like it was a couple weeks ago that her now-fiancĂ© sent me a text asking about what kind of rings she liked.

A few months ago (actually shortly before she got engaged) I had the weirdest, most pathetic dream. It was one of those dreams that is so vivid you almost wake up distressed, because the dream felt so real. 

It was a dream about my sister’s wedding, and when I told it to her later we were both cracking up laughing.  I had tears in my eyes, because it was just so ridiculous and funny.  So I thought it would be great for a little comic relief on here.  I hope it gives you at least a chuckle on this Monday morning!


My sister was getting married. I, of course, was the Maid of Honor, and I wanted to make her day as perfect as possible.

Her colors were turquoise blue and orange (it was a really pretty combination), and they were getting married in a castle. Tables of delicious food were everywhere, and there were hundreds of people in attendance.

The ceremony was getting ready to start. The guests were seated, and groomsmen were lined up, and the man of my sister’s dreams (who actually was her now-fiance, even in my dream) was waiting at the altar.

I had these little blue earrings that I had got for all the bridesmaids, because they matched Rachel’s colors. For some reason I had left them in the sanctuary, so I went in there to get them. I also needed to get the boutonnieres for the guys, because everything had to be perfect.

Some of this is going to get a little fuzzy. My aunt was involved in the wedding planning in some way, and she had this “master book” with every detail for the wedding in it. Well, for some reason, someone in the sanctuary had the master book, and they gave it to me!

And then I dropped it and a lot of stuff fell out of it.

Everyone gasped. I grabbed up all the papers, stuffed them back into the book, and panicked. In that dream-moment, all that mattered to me was that I get those earrings to the bridesmaids. So I grabbed up as many of them as I could (there were a ridiculous amount of bridesmaids), and I ran out of the ceremony room, through the halls of the castle to where I knew my sister was getting dressed.

It was horrible, because I wasn’t even there to help her get dressed, and I wasn’t even ready myself yet. When I got there, all the bridesmaids and female relatives were lining up in the hall, getting ready to walk to the ceremony. The bridesmaids were wearing these pretty orange dresses, and I knew the earrings would look perfect with them.

When I saw they were lining up, I called out for them to wait. My sister was just stepping out of the room in her white dress, and she looked like a vision. My mom asked why, and I said that I had these earrings for the bridesmaids (even though they were all already wearing matching earrings that were not my earrings, but apparently that didn’t matter because I thought my earrings were special), and I needed to get the boutonnieres for the guys.  And then I said that I didn’t have the master book, and that I dropped some stuff out of it and left it in the ceremony room.

At the news of the master book, everyone freaked out.

Bridesmaids scattered, my mom and aunt took off for the ceremony room, and I went running through the halls trying to help. I’m not sure what I did with the earrings at this point, but I didn’t have them anymore.

It was a mess. As we reached the ceremony room, we realized that all the guests were getting impatient for things to start.  All of a sudden they all got up to leave en mass.

I panicked at this point. These people had to stay for my sister’s wedding!

My mom and aunt went back to tell Rachel that everyone was leaving. My sister, not one to take things sitting down, got this stubborn look on her face and went back into the room.  If you know my sister, you know this look.  She’s a fighter, I tell you, and I knew she was going to do something. I’m not sure what she decided to do though, because I didn’t see her for the rest of the dream.

I just knew that I couldn’t let this happen. I couldn’t let my sister’s wedding be ruined all because of me losing the master book! So I ran through the halls toward the entrance (this castle was seriously like a maze), because I needed to fix it.

As I was tripping through the halls I lost my balance, grabbed a corner of a table cloth, and cookies and cakes went flying everywhere.  I ended up on the floor, with guests gawking at me and cookies in crumbs all around me.  At that point I just laid flat on my back and started sobbing, because I had ruined Rachel’s wedding (this is where it gets really pathetic).

My mom and aunt came up and saw me, but I was still on the floor just crying. Then I grabbed one of the cookies that had fallen and I ate it (I’m really not a depressed eater in real life, honest).

I gathered myself up and continued running through the halls, trying to figure out how to fix things, and bawling my eyes out. I saw a picture of my sister and her husband-to-be on the wall, and that made me cry more.

I finally made it to the foyer, and saw a bunch of kids headed for the doors.  For some reason all the parents had left without their kids, and the kids had realized their parents were gone and started to leave too.

But then my dad, called out for everyone to stop! All the kids turned around to listen to my dad.

Then the band started to play, and my dad got everyone doing a dance that everyone apparently knew.  Except for me – I tried to do it, but I looked ridiculous.  (My dad is really not the type to get everyone doing a synchronized dance, so when I told my sister this part later we were laughing so hard.)

Even Wyatt was doing the dance in his ducky pajamas (which, you know, is such appropriate attire for a wedding).

Then Derek came in and woke me up.


Considering the direction my dream was turning, I suspect that everyone would have returned, the ceremony would have gone on, and the reception could have been a ton of fun.

That’s how I’m ending my dream in my head, anyway.  Because when I have disturbing dreams I always come up with a happy ending for them after I wake up.

You know, I’ve had other dreams about my sister’s wedding. I dreamed once that I got lost in the huge church where she was getting married, and they got married without me, and they asked the groom’s sister stand in for me instead. And I sat down and cried my eyes out, because I had missed Rachel’s wedding.

I must have a deep, sub-conscious fear that I will (1) miss my sister’s wedding, or (2) totally ruin my sister’s wedding.

Regardless, my dreams of her wedding always end with me crying.

Or maybe it’s just a reflection of real life, because I know when she gets married on Saturday, it’ll probably all end with me going home and crying. You know I’ll be happy for her, but . . . I don’t know, I just know I’ll want to cry.

I just hope the part about me being clumsy, and ruining the wedding, and laying on the floor bawling isn’t a reflection of real life!

I guess we’ll see on Saturday.

Matron Of Honor Update

We had a wonderful time for our girl’s night last weekend!  It was our last hoorah before my sister gets married, and it was a great time.  My sister treated us to massages, and it was so nice.  She was so sweet to surprise us with a little pampering! 

I desperately needed a massage.  When the massage therapist was asking me about my pain, I mentioned that I was a dental hygienist and she interrupted me and said, “Ah, say no more.”  Back problems are notorious for hygienists, because as my massage therapist said, there is just no good position for doing our job.

I did learn from the massage therapist that my right shoulder is rolled forward because of my work, and I need to stretch it.  Now I’m self-conscious about it and worried that it will become permanently hunched.  I’ve been focusing on rolling it back.

After our massages, we ate at Panera, swam in the hotel pool, and watched a movie together.  It was fun! 

On Sunday we had my sister’s bridal shower, and it turned out really well!  Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures, but it was nice.  And remember how I was trying to come up with a unique gift?  I made her these Mr. and Mrs. pillows (I got the idea from Andrea originally):


I just used pillow forms and this tutorial for making the pillow covers.  I used natural linen fabric, because it reminded me of burlap, and my sis is going for a western feel in her living room.  Then I printed up the letters and made my own stencils for the “Mr.” and “Mrs.”  I just painted the “Est. 2012” without a stencil - it turned out to be a little off-center, but I still like it.

I also got a frame and used pictures of letters from this website to spell out her soon-to-be last name.  It turned out really well, and her fiance really liked it!  It turned out kind of like this:


Except her last name won’t be White.  I got the idea for using photo letters for her last name and the above image from a website called Full Of Great Ideas.

Overall, both gifts were a big hit, and it made me feel like I did something special for her, instead of just buying her things from her registry (though I did that too, but there’s nothing like a personal touch).

Matron Of Honor

Have I mentioned that my sister is engaged?


(My sis and her fiance at our crazy sweater party).

Her now fiance, Ben, proposed a couple of months ago!  He surprised her by getting her a half day off of work.  Then he took her out to lunch and for a walk around a lake, and he proposed right next to the water.  So sweet!  And the ring is gorgeous too.  They are getting married in March!

Anyway, of course I’m the Maid of Honor (or I guess it would be Matron of Honor, but that makes me sound so old).  I’m very excited about this.  I want to be the best MOH there ever was! 

Of course, Rachel might already hold that title – she was my Maid of Honor, and she and my mom practically planned the whole wedding while I studied for my boards.  But I intend to do what I can to make this time special for my sis.

We already had one shower for her (we did a foot spa theme because it was personal shower with close family, and it turned out really fun). Her next shower (which will be for everyone, so it will be alot bigger) is coming up here in February.  I don’t think we really want to do a specific theme, because finding decorations that are so specific to a certain theme can sometime get pricey, but I do want it to be nice.  So if you see any super-cute shower ideas on Pinterest, send them my way . . .

I’m also trying to think of gifts for her showers that will be special – you know, that will stand out from the crowd.  I think I have a couple ideas, and I’ll post pictures if they turn out like I’m hoping they will, but I’m open to more suggestions.


So, I’m wondering, what are some things your Maid of Honor did for you that made your showers and wedding extra-special?  Is there anything you think would be a cool thing for the Maid of Honor to do?

I'm all ears!

P.S. Don't forget to enter the giveaway, it ends tomorrow!

Two Years

Two years ago today, I married my best friend.

We've been through so much together since then, and Derek's been with me to hold my hand, laugh with me, let me cry on his shoulder, be there for me no matter what life has brought our way.

And I know he'll continue to be my Knight in Shining Armor for as long as the Lord grants us both breath.

Derek, the Lord blessed me so much when He gave you to me, and I can't imagine my life without you! I love you, Honey.

Happy Two-Year Anniversary!

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