Ralphie and Quincy

A couple weeks ago my mom, who works at our local sheriff's office, told Derek and me that the animal control department just picked up a new dog. Apparently she was always kept outside and ran away several times, and the owner's didn't seem to want her; they hadn't returned any of the calls about the dog. Well, alas, before we knew it my mom said that she was taking the dog, and she was ours if we wanted her. Well, how could we say no? So, yes, we have another dog now. She is a Cairn terrior, and probably one of the happiest dogs I've ever met. You just look at her and she starts wagging her tail and smiles at you. We named her Quincy, and she and Ralphie are becoming great friends; they play all day long. I couldn't resist posting something on her and Ralphie, so here it is! Ralphie is alot better at pictures than Quincy. Quincy always turns her head right before I push the button, but Ralphie just sits there and looks at me like a pro! He should be in commercials!
Dogs are great aren't they? They always love you, and love being around you, even if you yell at them sometimes. They seem to know if you are down and they just cuddle up to you and melt some of that sadness away. And they're great stress-relievers; they're always so excited and happy to see you! It's a blessing to have pets, and dogs seem especially to be a blessing, at least for me! Guess I'm a little biased though; I'm definitely a dog person!

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