The Recent, Random Adventures of Me!

Adventures as a Hostess!

This past Saturday afternoon we had about fifteen people in our house. Derek has a very big family, and his sisters haven't seen the house since we've moved in, so we thought we'd have his whole side of the family up for lunch. Our house is pretty small and we don't have very many chairs either, so it was an adventure! Derek bought three pizzas and I made spaghetti and fudge for something sweet.
I've recently discovered that most fudge is not too hard to make; I've ben trying all kinds of different fudge, and it's all turned out pretty well. I've made white chocolate cherry-walnut fudge, carmel fudge, of course my mom's classic Christmas fudge, and today I'm trying out chocolate orange fudge. I should just open a little fudge shop and make some extra money on the side.
We just decorated our house for Christmas the other night, so our gathering on Friday was almost like a pre-Christmas/Thanksgiving celebration only with pizza instead of a turkey or ham. It turned out really well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! It was our first big gathering at our house (we've had his parents up before, but that's only two people, and my family is only five). It builds my hostess-ing confidence to have had that many people here at once successfully! I think we're going to have them up again soon!

Adventures as a Career Woman!

I recently started a temporary job filling in for a hygienist who's going on maternity leave until January. For those of you who don't know, I'm a dental hygienist and I jsut graduated in May. So far I've only been doing temporary work. It's nice to just be in one office for a while, instead of always going from office to office. This work experience also helps me figure out what I'd like when I actually do get a permanent job. I'd like to only work two days a week, maybe three; I'm not enjoying being gone from home so much with this job. You don't appreciate it sometimes, but it really is a blessing to have days at home just to be a wife and clean the house and make something good for dinner. Don't get me wrong, the Lord gave me this job to get us through the holidays, and I'm grateful for it, but I don't think I want to work so much forever. Thankfully we can do just fine with me working only two days a week, so that's what I want for the long run.
This job also is having me work past five every day so far. I've decided I definitely don't want to work evening hours in a permanent job. I don't like getting home so late and not being able to make Derek dinner, and then being so tired that I just want to go to bed. Evenings are my time with Derek, and I hate having to work into the evenings. I don't even want to do that in this job, and I think I'm going to have to ask if we can just keep my evening days to once a week. No job is perfect, and I'm definitely grateful for this one, but it has shown me that I should also be grateful for the time at home. I think it'll be good for me to get out of the house and work a couple days per week, but I'm also going to try to appreciate my time at home and use it to it's full advantage, and enjoy my house-keeping, wifely duties! Now that I don't have as much time for it I miss it.
Adventures as a Deal-Hunter!
As of late I've also been enjoying looking for good inexpensive Christmas gifts since we don't have much money for gifts this year. I'm pretty proud of myself - I've found some good stuff so far. The dollar store is a wonderful thing! Today I'm hoping to leave here early and go buy Derek a present before work. I know he bought me one last week, even though he denies it! So hopefully I can get a gift for him under our tree before the end of the week!
The other day I was shopping and I found these adorable little dog sweaters for only five dollars each (which is cheap for dog sweaters - don't you just love Walmart?). I couldn't resist, so I bought the dogs some Christmas sweaters! They look so cute in them! I'm pretty sure I have the cutest dogs ever. Everyone who was here on Saturday was fussing over the dogs; they thought they were pretty adorable. Quincy especially got alot of attention, I think because she was being more sociable than Ralphie. Ralphie gets nervous when there's so many people, and the whole time he just followed me around and hid between my feet. Either that or he was sitting on my lap. See, he knows he's a Mama's dog; I'm who he comes to for comfort!
Adventures as a Praying Wife (at least trying to be)!
I love that Derek let us put up our tree early! I love watching the lights twinkle. The other night I just turned off all the lights except the Christmas lights, and just sat on the couch and enjoyed them until Derek finished with his shower. It was very peaceful and relaxing, and it gave me a chance to spend some time in prayer - for those of you who read my previous post, I'm really trying! It's so much easier to pray when your relaxed and everything is peaceful, but I suppose I need to practice praying when things are hectic too. Christmas decorations and jsut the whole Christmas season tend to bring to my mind thoughts of the Lord, and so it's natural to pray then. Another reason I love Christmas. It really is the best time of the year, for so many reasons.
I'm posting some pictures of our decorations and dogs, etc. This post was rather random, but I guess it's just a general update of our life together and my thoughts . . . I'm allowed one of those kind of blog posts every now and then!
The Mighty Decorators!

Derek and Me putting our "First Chrsitmas" ornament on the tree!

My sister Rachel holding Ralphie by the tree!


Enjoying some wassel after all the decorating!


Our Yorkie, Ralphie!
Our Cairn terrior, Quincy!

See? Pretty cute, huh!
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