American Idol - So Many People Looking For More

Last night I watched American Idol. I just started watching American Idol sporadically a couple of seasons ago, and I've never watched the audition protion of the show, so last night was the first time I've ever seen any of the audtitions. It was rather interesting to see who passed on to the next stage in the competition and who didn't.

While I was tempted to laugh at some of the people who attempted to impress the judges, the temptation was quickly removed when I saw the faces of the auditionees as the judges told them they didn't have what it took to continue on. Many times their faces just fell, some had tears filling their eyes, others left the room and cried as if someone had just died. The ones that really struck me were the people who begged to be able to continue, saying this was their dream and it was all they had left. While it could be somewhat amusing to see the reactions of these people, I found myself feeling more sad than amused.

It occurred to me that the reason these people were taking the rejection of these judges so hard was that they had wrapped up their self worth into whether the judges thought they were any good or not; I think it meant so much to them because they felt that if they couldn't make it on American Idol their lives would lack direction and a greater purpose. The thought that these people were relying so much on a fickle reality show tugged at my heart. These people weren't just disappointed that they didn't make it - they were lost.

Only Jesus can give a direction and purpose in peoples' lives. Only a relationship with Him can give someone a feeling of incorruptible self worth. Those who live without Him can only invent their own purpose and meaning in their lives, and when a human tries to come up with his own meaning for life, it only results in emptiness. I can't laugh at that when I see the evidence of it on American Idol. These people don't need fame or popularity or wealth. They need Jesus, but they don't realize it.

The people that appeared on the show last night are not the only ones who are floundering in life, drifting without an anchor. Those people are all around us; behind us in line at the grocery store, sitting next to us in class, walking past us at the mall. Let's try not to let them drift away without attempting a rescue. Let's try to show them what it looks like to have an Anchor in the storm of life.
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Amber said...

I give you permission! ;)

And no worries on the email. It took me 3 weeks to email you back or something?? So you're doing better than me!

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I totally agree with these ppl looking for more. They are looking in the wrong place. But, this world promotes things/status/celebrities/fame. So many things that are "important" now, will matter not one of these days.

Your blog is cute. I love your wedding dress... it is gorgeous!

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