A Day In the Life . . . Or A Couple Weeks In The Life Of Us

I'm afraid it has been a while since I've posted. The last couple of weeks have been rather busy for me and while I've been looking for inspiration for a blog post, nothing has come up. So I thought I'd take this oppurtunity to give a brief update on what's been going on with our family as we start the new year.

I've still been looking for a job, but it looks like I may be hired on at a dental office in the mountains for one day a week. If it works out this job will be a good thing, because if I can work one day a week it should help with most of the rest of our bills. I may still work for a temporary agency, but this office may eventually have me work two days a week, and if that happens I won't necessarily have to stay with the agency. That might be nice because I'll actually know what days I'm working ahead of time, but We'll see what I decide to do when the time comes.

My brother and his new wife have a verbal agreement to buy a house! The house is about five minutes from where Derek and I live, so they will be really close by. It's a nice house and piece of land, and I think it will be fun to have them so close!

My sister was hired on at a chiropractic office, but it's part time and odd hours, so she'll still probably be looking for something else with better hours. But she's ready to start working again, so she's happy for this job for now.

Derek and I have spent our last few weekends attempting to get more firewood. We use our wood stove a great deal for heating because it saves us money on propane. We ran out of wood about the beginning of January, but my parents have some scrap wood at their house that we've been gathering and using. At least three different people from our church have also offered to give us wood as well. Once they heard me saying we were running low on wood they all volunteered to give us some of the wood around thier houses. We love the people at our church - they are definitely like a second family.

Derek and I have also been doing a pretty good job of keeping up with our devotions. We got a couples devotional for ourselves at Christmas, and we've been reading that every night. We've been trying to read at least a chapter of the Bible each night too, because devotions are good, but it's also important to read God's Word. So we're trying to do better at that. I'm still working on praying more diligently - that's an area I fail in so often, but I'm still trying.

Our dogs are doing very well, though we're still working with Ralphie on having accidents in the house. He's been doing alot better though. Quincy gets grouchy occasionally, but we're working that out of her too. They still chase each other around the house and play all the time. They're pretty adorable!

A couple Saturday's ago my parents treated us to a trip to the National Western Stock Show! Our family loves the stock show and we go nearly every year. I thought it was great of my parents to pay for all of us to go, because Derek and I probably wouldn't have gone this year if they hadn't. We saw a rodeo, and I got some good pictures! It was a fun day, and I was glad to get to go on an outing with my family.

That's a brief summary of what we've been up to the last couple of weeks. Nothing too inspirational or thought-provoking. Just a day in the life . . .
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Anonymous said...

Hi Callie!

I found your blog through Kaysie's -- she is friend of mine -- and I enjoyed reading it! You and your husband are a beautiful couple. I was interested in the fact that you are a dental hygienist (sp?) because my sister is looking at that as a career but doesn't know a whole lot about it yet. She graduates this year and needs to get ideas:-)

My own blog is for women and girls in their day to day lives, if you care to visit.

In Him

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