The Estes Park Getaway!

We're back from our trip! We had a really fun time, and a beautiful Valentine's Day! I thought I'd post a few photos of our expedition to Estes Park!

At Estes Park!

We got a really good deal on the hotel, and we were able to get a suite! So our hotel room had two bathrooms and a living room and a little kitchenette along with the bedroom!

Derek bought me flowers and a teddy bear and candy hearts for Valentine's Day! We had a great day - we went out to a nice dinner and dessert, and we watched a movie and had sparkling cider - it was very romantic!

We also took an old time photo at a little shop on Main Street on Valentine's Day - don't we look good?!

We played a game of pool at our hotel too! Derek beat me! I'm pretty horrible at pool.

Some pretty scenery!

We also went to Celestial Seasonings on the way home, and we got about fifteen boxes of tea. I love that place!

My family babysat our dogs for us while we were gone, and when my mom brought them home I noticed she had trimmed the hair around their eyes (it took four people to hold them down and do it - so I have a good excuse for not being ale to get their eye-hair cut perfectly by myself). They just look so cute when you can see their eyes, so I couldn't resist posting a picture!

So those are some of our pictures from Estes Park; there are alot more, but these were some of the highlights! If you want to see the rest, you can see them in my Facebook Album. It was so nice to get away with Derek. We've been needing an escape for a while! It was a very romantic and fun adventure with my incredible husband!
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katie said...

Those Western photos are too cute! We planned to do that too for our Valentines getaway, but somehow or another it didn't end up happening! Looks like you two had a lot of fun.

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