Feedback Requested!

Lately I've been thinking of doing some theme posts for certain days of the week. I've seen a few bloggers that do these weekly posts, and I kind of think it's a good idea. I'm hoping having a weekly theme to think something up for will help inspire me, and it will definitley make my posting somewhat regular (though I have been trying to post something new at least once a week). So here are a few of my brainstorm ideas of what I could do. Tell me what you think - I want feedback!

Memory Monday - I am one of the lucky ones who has alot of good childhood memories, and reminiscing tends to make me want to remember everything that happens to me now so that I'll have more good memories. So this might be fun.

Marriage Monday - A time to tell something I'm learning about marriage, or a good quote out of a marriage book, etc.

Nothing for Tuesdays - any suggestions?

Wordless Wednesday - I've seen a few blogs do this, they just post a cool picture and nothing else - this may be good for me if I decide to do something on Wednesdays, because that is the day that I am going to be working every week, starting next Wednesday. It doesn't take too much time to post a picture.

Thankful Thursday - Tell something i'm thankful for, something the Lord has done for me, etc.

Frugal Friday - Good deals or ways we're attempting to save money.

Fitness Friday - I'm going to try to get back in shape (I've been rather lazy lately), so this may be good just to keep me motiviated. Today would be a good day to post one of these - I just got a new workout video, and it was HARD! I was exhausted at the end.

Fanciful Friday - I've been feeling very fanciful lately, and I've been thinking alot of fanciful thoughts. This could contain anything from something I'd love to do someday, what-if statements, or just my rather artsy creative thoughts (I do have those sometimes).

As you may have noticed, there are some days where I have more than one idea listed, so I'm not going to be able to do those every day. I'm trying to pick and choose on all of these, or decide whether to alternate on some of them, or something. Not sure what I'll decide to do yet, but I'd love to hear some ideas! Tell me what you think.
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OlyviaNoel said...

Hey Callie! I'm glad you found my blog :) It's great to know another Christian newlywed out there! I like what I've read of yours and will continue to do so. I must say that I'm jealous your home is in the Rocky Mountains! One day my husband and I hope to be closer to the mountains, or at least closer to "home" for us.

I'll keep checking back :)

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