House, Work, and Housework

Today is a stay at home day. I'm very relieved that my temporary agency didn't call today, because I needed today off. They called me yesterday at six in the morning and told me I needed to be at the office by 7:15 AM! That may not seem like that big of a deal, but I was still sleeping when they called, so I had to get up and pull myself together as quickly as I could. My husband and I live in the mountains, so it takes me a little bit of time to get to town. I ended up getting there at 7:30, right when I was supposed to be starting my patient, and the receptionist tried to show me around. However, she works at the front desk, not with patients, so she didn't know the answers to half my questions, and the first few patients went really rough, becaue I didn't know where anything was!

And it was really embarrassing, because my third patient was in a rather grumpy mood; as he was leaving I moved the tray to the side so that he could get out of the chair, and it wasn't secured tightly. About ten of my instruments went flying all over the floor, and I was mortified, and I could tell he was thinking about how unprofessional I was! I hate it when my clumsy moments happen while I'm working.
Anyway, after a day like that yesterday, I'm so happy to have today off, especially since I start working at the office in Fairplay tomorrow! I'm pretty excited to have some regular work, even if it is only one day a week.

I was thinking about having a lazy day at home today, but on the other hand I had a whole list of things to do, so I've been working all morning. I cleaned the house from head to toe (if houses had heads and toes), and I must say, it was very satisfying! I also sprayed that pretty smelling Febreeze air freshener stuff, so it smells good too! In addition to cleaning the house, I worked out and took a nice bath and got all pretty just in case Derek comes home for lunch. And now I'm sitting and drinking a cup of coffee, and I'm pretty proud of everything I got accomplished this morning!

I decided to take some pictures of our house, because it occurred to me that alot of my friends haven't seen our house yet. So I'm going to post some of those here!

These pictures are of our kitchen! It was really ugly when we moved in, but my dad remodeled it for us as a wedding present!

These ones were of our lovely living room. The ceiling is vaulted, and I love it!

This is our wood stove, and we have really been using it to help heat our house this winter!

This is a picture of our room.

Well, there are some pictures of a good portion of our house, for those of you haven't come to visit us yet! Let me know if you ever want to drop by, because we'd love to have you!
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katie said...

I tagged you for a picture post!

Laura Seldomridge said...

Fun to see your house! I really wish we could get together more often. It's been fun reading your blog. I read Love and Respect before we were married but I should read it again now.

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