Seven, No Scratch That, Eight Marvelous Things!

Alright, the "M" post is finally here! Before I start I want to say how hard it was not to just think of things I like and put the word "my" in front of them. I was laying in bed thinking "Muh, muh, My dogs! No. Muh, muh, my country! No . . .". I'm telling you, "M" is a hard letter! But here it goes . . . Seven Marvelous Things That Start With "M"!

Marriage - I am definitley enjoying being married! My husband is pretty wonderful, and it's pretty amazing when the Lord gives you someone who will love you and stick by you through all life's troubles. It's also really freeing to be married - you can do all kinds of things together that you couldn't do alone! I think marriage is certainly a gift from God, and it's way up there on my marvelous list. I think those of you who are married will agree.

Image taken by my aunt; she did our wedding photography.

Microbiology - Yes, I am a science nerd! And I'm not ashamed to admit it. I had so much fun in my college microbiology class that I signed up to be a teaching assistant for the class the next semester! My professor thought I was a genius, and I had oodles of fun looking at little organisms through the microscope, and performing experiments on unknown bacteria to try to identify them! Ah, just thinking about it makes me feel happy.
One reason I love microbiology so much is because after looking at these amazing little single-celled organisms through the microscope, you realize just how awesome our God is. How can something so tiny, and so delicate be so amazingly complex and perfectly designed? Our God's imagination and power just amazes me, and studying science, and especially microbiology, has always reminded me of that. So yes, if you didn't know before, I am one of those science geeks!

A photomicrograph of a protozoa. Image from

Musicals - Now who doesn't like a good musical? I love My Fair Lady, and I often have songs from the movie running through my head ("Wouldn't it be loverly!"). And then there are such classics as Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma, and The King and I! I recall waking up my middle school campers when I was a camp counselor with the song "Oh, what a Beautiful Morning!" I think they liked it - not because I'm any good at singing, but because it was amusing to see their counselor bouncing around the cabin and flinging her arms wide as she sand the last line "Oh, what a beautiful daaaay!" Ah, good times.

From My Fair Lady. Image from

Mangos - I'm very fond of mangos and tropical fruit in general. Not sure why, it's just a fact.

Mangos! Image from

Morning Glories - One of my favorite flowers. Once upon a time I bought a packet of morning glory seeds so I could try to grow some, but they never quite got planted. But I do love this flower, expecially the blue and yellow variety.

Morning Glories. Image from

Cafe Mocha's at Starbucks - Chocolate and coffee together! Enough said. I especially like them iced.

Iced Cafe Mocha. Image from

Manicotti - Mmm, Mmm! I like Italian food in general, and manicotti is one of my favorites (along with my mom's lasagna). I had this realy good chicken manicotti in alfredo sauce with Derek one time when we went to The Olive Garden. It was to celebrate buying our house, if I remember correctly. Anyway, manicotti is good stuff!

Manicotti at The Olive Garden. Image from

Mountains - I've been a mountain girl since birth. It's in my blood - my dad has lived in our small mountain town for most of his life, and my dad's side of the family is practically famous here, because they've lived in the mountains so long. My mom didn't grow up in the mountains, but she moved here in high school, and she was hooked.
I think the Rocky Mountains are one of the most beautiful places to live - everywhere you look is like a picture. And oh, the smell of the mountains! There is nothing like the crisp mountain air in the winter, or the warmed-up wood smell in the summer, or the spicy scent of dying leaves in the fall. I love that Derek and I are able to live where we do, and I think if we ever moved I would want to be near some sort of mountain range, if not actually back in the hills. What structure on this earth better reflects the majesty of God than the mountains? Even the ocean doesn't move me in the same way.

Rocky Mountians. Image from

There they are, my Seven Marvelous Things! If any of you want to do a letter post (they're so popular right now), just let me know, and I'll tag you with a really hard letter . . .
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Callie said...

Ha! I just realized that I have eight marvelous things, not seven . . .guess I can't count! Ooops!

Brittney Galloway said...

I love it! You know what's sad? I don't think I have ever had a mango! My mom is deadly allergic of them, so I have always steered clear of them just in case! But I know alot of people love them.

Callie said...

Oh, that is sad! Derek is allergic to melons, which I always thought was sad too, because whenever we're having cantalope or honeydew or watermelon he can never eat any. But I don't blame you for being careful about mangos, since your mom is allergic.

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