Columbo, Video Games, and My Odd-One-Out Evening

Well, I got kicked out of the living room tonight. No, that's not entirely true - I went of my own free will.

Have you ever been the only girl in a house with three guys? Who are playing video games? Let me tell you, you start to feel a little bit like the odd one out. I started realizing that my being present was insignificant when I spoke probably three sentences to them and none of them answered me. When I asked if they had heard me, they hadn't. So I decided to leave my husband (white shirt), my brother (jean jacket), and my brother's friend Brad (red sweatshirt), to play their video games in peace.

It's times like this that I wished I had a girlfriend nearby to come rescue me from my boring evening. But no one is nearby or available, so my Blogging Buddies, I write to you! I know you will at least be able to show me some pity.

For the record, before the guys got here my husband did feel bad about hanging out with the guys while I was home, but I told him it was okay. So I'm in this by my own choice.

I did have a lovely day at work today. While part of me always secretly wishes that my last patient won't show so that I can get home early, I must say that having a full day of work in my own office today was very satisfying!

For those of you who may not have realized, I got the job that I was applying for a while back! I'm so happy about it - I know it was all the Lord's doing. He's really taking care of us! Please keep praying that Derek will get another job. He doesn't really want to stay in this job, and he wants to get back in his field. Thank you, Friends! I know your prayers do a ton of good - you were all praying for me to get this job, and I got it didn't I? They do make a difference. But I know the Lord will bring Derek another job in His time.

As I write I am listening to the guys yelling about how in the world someone's character lived! It's rather fun to listen to when you can't see the TV.

Well, the evening is stretching ahead of me, and this is what I have to occupy me!

My lovely laptop in which I can at least communicate with the outside world.

Season Two of Columbo! I love that show. If you've never watched an episode you should come over to my house and watch one with me!

The "Love and respect" book that I'm almost finished with (and I'll write that last post on the book ASAP).

And a lovely bowl of cereal, with berries and honey no less!

I might have to grab a cup of tea in a little while too. That is if I can brave walking through the war zone! I hope all you ladies are having a wonderful evening. I intend to make the most of my time tonight, and I'm looking forward to an evening with Derek tomorrow!
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Brittney Galloway said...

I totally understand! My husband's best friend lives in our new town, but I don't have any friends here! He comes over often and they get into really deep economics/politics conversations while playing video games! But it's alright, I have blog friends and my phone!

Jenene said...

I totally know what you're talking about! Just yesterday I was stuck at someone else's house with four guys (one being my husband) and they were all playing video games. The only two girlfriends I have were busy - one was working, one was sick.

A few months ago I was at home with a two girls and 13 guys, and all the guys were wrestling. I felt REALLY out of place!

Jessica said...

Wow I totally know what you mean about your husband and his friends playing video games. My husband and his friends hang out a lot, and I'm often left to fend for myself. It's lonely sometimes, but I'm getting used to it I guess :-P

Amber said...

Oh man, do I know how you feel! (no pun intended)

Too bad we're so stinkin far away from each other!!

Callie said...

I know! I've decided you just need to move out here, Amber. LoL!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Haha aww yes the guys' nights are definitely times to chill with some tea and a laptop.

Why do you not have any girlfriends nearby?

Callie said...

Well, I live in the mountains, and most of my friends live in town. My sister lives closer, but she was just getting back from Georgia. My sister-in-law is moving up here soon though, and then she'll be close to me!

AmyK said...

This made me laugh.
A lot.

When my hubby has "the guys" over to play video games, I join in.
And often win.
haha. I'm a nerdy girl like that. That's why he married me before I had a chance to get away (though seriously, why would I want to?!). He is always saying, "You're pretty AND you play video games. What more could a guy want?!"

Sometimes, though, when they play the shoot-'em-up games, I prefer to sit out. And that's when I wish I had some girlfriends around here!

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