An Encouraging Bit of News, and Other Updates

Well, I finally have a day at home to put up my new decorations (yay!). I'm about to get started, but I wanted to do a quick post.

Thank you all for praying for my working interview yesterday. I think it went pretty well, but I won't find out if I got the job or not until next week. Please keep praying that I can get the job! It would be really nice to know we can pay the bills each month.

I saw an encouraging bit of news this morning while I was watching The Fox News Channel. Apparently some textbook board down in Texas is discussing how they want evolution to be taught in textbooks, and they are discussing wanting to address the theory's strengths and weaknesses in future textbooks. This is exciting news because if they succeed in this new approach it will probably filter through to the rest of the country - Texas is a big state, and a lot of the textbooks that are made for Texas schools are used across the nation. Textbook companies tend to tailor the books for Texas because the state is a big market.

I thought this was really encouraging! If it's brought to the students' attention that the theory of evolution is not proven or perfect, it will not only improve their minds (because they will be forced to weigh the evidence and make a decision for themselves, rather than just accepting everythng they're taught as fact), but it will encourage them to have open minds when it comes to other theories of origin (like creation)! This is probably a story to keep our eye on, my fellow Creationists!
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Amber said...

Glad it went well!! Have fun putting up your new decorations and happy friday! :)

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