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A few weeks ago my sister and I had a girl's night and paid a visit to our local dollar theater. We just call it the dollar theater - you really have to pay three dollars and fifty cents to get in. We decided to see "Marley and Me".

I wasn't sure how the movie would be going into it, but I actually found it rather enjoyable. There were a few parts that we could have done without, but it made my sister and I laugh several times. I must warn you though, this review is a bit of a spoiler, and the movie isn't really a kid movie - so don't take your little cousins or nieces and nephews to see it. However, it was an enjoyable movie, and worthy of mention on my blog.

The movie is about a couple who gets married, and the husband decides to buy his wife a dog for her birthday, in hopes of pushing off having kids for a while. They get a "clearance puppy" at a discounted price from the breeder. They quickly realize that he isn't the easiest dog to work with, and label him "the worst dog in the world". Eventually the couple has children and move into different houses; all the while Marley is there, adding stress and laughter to their lives together.

Near the end of the movie you start to see the signs that Marley is getting older; he doesn't run as often as we used to, he struggles up the stairs. I wanted to cry as we neared the point where the family must put Marley to sleep - the husband assures Marley before he dies that even though they always called him the worst dog in the world, he's always been there and he's been a great dog. My eyes teared up when Marley finally slipped away . . .

The reason I decided to post on this movie is because when we saw "Marley and Me" it brought to my mind how much of a blessing our pets really are. Sure, it may not feel like they're much of a blessing when they're having accidents on the floor, or barking while you're trying to take a nap, or waking you up in the middle of the night to be let outside. But I think God gave us dogs as a way to bless us, because dogs are always there to greet you, to cuddle next to you when you've had a hard day, and to make you laugh with their antics. They love you no matter what. I think maybe God knew that sometimes we need a creature that will love us, even when we feel unlovable. It's one of the ways God shows how much He loves us.

I think that maybe the pets you have in these first years of marriage are extra-special too, because they are there through your most significant life changes. We got our dog Ralphie when Derek and I were first engaged. We got Quincy shortly after we were married. They are there during this time when Derek and I are still getting used to being married, through all our firsts as a married couple. They'll probably be there as we have children, and continue to be there as our kids grow and learn to love them too. Their aging will serve as a reminder of all we've been through in our lives together.

It will be a terrible, heartbreaking day when Ralphie or Quincy leaves us. Sometimes I wonder if the heartache that I know will come someday will be worth it. But as I consider this, I realize that yes, it will be. Our dogs add so much richness and joy and comfort to our lives while the Lord allows us to have them - they are a huge blessing. No matter how much stress or frustration or heartache they may cause us, the blessing outweighs it all, and "Marley and Me" was a good reminder to just love on your dogs and enjoy every minute with them that you can.
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Brittney Galloway said...

What a great post! I've wanted to see that movie/read that book for awhile now, and I think you might have convinced me!

Ian and I looooove dogs, but since we are moving to the M-E where dogs aren't liked at all (their prophet proclaimed them dirty,) we probably won't be able to ever have one, which is sad.

Jessica said...

I read Marlie and Me, and saw the movie. I am such a dog person that I balled during both! Ha! But you're right, pets really are such a blessing! I can't wait until Luke and I (hopefully!) get our first puppy this summer :-)

Your dogs are adorable!

Callie said...

Brittany: That is sad! But you never know, maybe you'll get one someday! *smile*
Jessica: I balled too! Thanks for the compliment on my dogs! They're my babies . . . *smile*

Amber said...

Aww too cute. I can't wait to get some puppies! I think they'll be my babies too...especially until we have actual babies. Haha. :D

Anonymous said...

Your dogs are so adorable! I like that you have sweaters for them. Our dog is huge, so a sweater on him wouldn't work so great... I like your thoughts on dogs being a blessing. I personally would expand that to cats too, because I'm a cat person, and cats are good cuddlers too :D

Jenene said...

I've never really known a deep love for pets. I had cats when I was growing up, but my dad didn't like them, and I think that affected my opinion as well. I wasn't really that sad when they died, because they were looked on as an annoyance.

Art says he would like to get a dog, and if we weren't living here (and if we could afford it) I think we would get one. I could see myself loving a dog.

Callie said...

Felicia: I agree, we could probably extend this to cats! They're pretty cute too!

Callie said...

Jenene: Yeah, I think dogs are pretty hard not to love when they're your own!

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