My Most Awkward Stage - For the World to See

Did any of you have an awkward stage? You know, that awful stage between being a child and a teenager, when your body starts throwing you all sorts of curveballs? I sure did - from age twelve to about fourteen and a half.

Tap into those great imaginations of yours as I describe to you myself as an adolescent. I was always a fairly pretty child - not the most beautiful girl perhaps, but I wasn't half bad. At least according to the pictures I see of myself up to the age of eleven - until that time I was also completely unconcerned with my appearance. I don't particularly remember ever brushing my hair in those early years, though I'm sure my mom made me. I had my favorite clothes that I thought I looked better in, but other than that I wasn't too worried about keeping up with the other kids.

Then I hit the terrible year that I turned twelve. I think my mind must have sub-conciously filed away the fact that puberty starts around the age of twelve, because it threw everything at me at once! At the time I decided that my body had decided to fall apart that year.

Suddenly everyone was noticing that I was holding my book closer to my face than usual - and you know what that means! That's right, my eyes suddenly decided to go bad! Awful, is it not? A kid's worse nightmare - glasses. But thankfully my parents bought me contacts so no one had to see me in them except my family.

If that little change wasn't tramatic enough, my hair suddenly started behaving very strangely. I had straight hair as a kid, mind you. When I turned twelve it suddenly turned frizzy. Since then it has gotten a more defined curl to it, but from twelve to fourteen it didn't curl - it just frizzed. Hairdressers always used to think they could make it smooth and pretty with a blow dryer; but ah, I knew better. If I used a blow dryer on it, I looked like I was from the 1980s. At that time I comforted myself by thinking that if I had grown up in that decade, my hair would have been the envy of everyone.

And then of course, the lovley braces. It couldn't be avoided because I had a pretty bad overbite, but goodness, it just had to happen the same year as all these other bodily changes! I actually wanted the braces though - I was excited to see how I would look when I had straight teeth. But notice that the awkward phase of my life didn't end until I had them removed at fourteen.

All this combined with the fact that I've always been tall, and at that point in my life I was taller than most boys my age - now, don't you all feel sorry for me?

Got a good mental picture now? Good. I'm sure I must have you all beat, because I think my awkward stage was somewhat worse than anyone else I've met. My sister claims she had an awkward stage, but I must have missed it, because she was only awkward in the sense that she had to go through puberty like everyone else. She was very graceful about it - I on the other hand was very obviously awkward. If you think you can beat my awkwardness, please share!

The reason I'm talking about this is because occasionally I participate in a weekly meme (what does meme mean, anyway?) at Cafe Chat (please see the button in the side bar). And this week the topic is insecurity. We're supposed to share our most insecure moments, and why we felt insecure.

I suppose this could be a big, deep topic for some, but for me it's rather light. Although I felt very uncomfortble and awkward in my skin, maybe a little insecure about my appearance, I've never really felt a terrible insecurity in who I am as a person - I grew up in a Christian home, and I think the Lord always just blessed me with a sense of who I am as His child. I've always been a Christian girl, just trying to do my best to please Him, and that gave me a security through my most difficult times. Even when I was the most awkward girl I knew.

Don't worry, there's a happy ending! At about fourteen, I got the braces off, my hair actually started to curl and was actually cute, and all those boys started getting taller than me. On top of that, I developed a fashion sense and got to wear makeup. Yep, I started to look halfway decent.

When I was twelve, I used to imagine how beautiful I would be when I was sixteen and twenty, and now that I've been sixteen and twenty, I realize I made it. The awkwardness was only for a season, and I think I always knew it would be. I knew the Lord was there for me when I was just a child, He was there for me through that uncomfortable season, and He would be there for me when I got out of it too. And even though I had every reason to feel insecure, knowing who I was in the Lord, and that He would always be there for me, gave me a great sense of security and self-worth - even with frizzy hair, awkward limbs, and braces!

This is me with my younger brother and sister, posing with the Sheriff of Nottingham at Disney World. I believe I was seven here. Lucky for me my mom picked out great clothes for me!

This is me on my thirteenth birthday with my friend Catie. I'm the one on the right. I think even though I don't look very good, I think I still look pretty secure in myself. Or even if you can't see that from the picture, you can take my word that I was on the inside.

And this is me with my husband Derek On Thanksgiving. I think I turned out rather well - I escaped that awkward stage! Yay!
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Katie Spinks said...

you just gave me an idea for a future post... thanks... and I like your "thanksgiving picture" you definitely turned out great - your beautiful!

Callie said...

Ah, thanks! I'm glad I gave you an idea for a future post!

Jenene said...

I suddenly feel the need to top your story with mine. :D

I got glasses in kindergarten. I got incredibly bad acne at nine. And braces at thirteen. Also, I have a funny-sounding maiden name, and that never ceased being funny.

At 15.5, things finally started looking up. I got contacts, my braces came off, I started learning how to wear makeup and dress nicely.

But the kicker was that I got a new friend who made me feel good about myself. Ain't no boost like a good friend.

Callie said...

Hmm, you may have me beat there . . .but we might need to compare adolescent pictures to be sure!

Katie Spinks said...

thanks for commenting and I enjoyed the length and the background info... its fun getting to know someone new. Just wanted to say that your comment encouraged me today so thank you... it made me smile your ps but I don't necessarily agree with you!!

Jessica said...

Wow I totally relate to the awkward stage...In seventh grade I got glasses, braces, crazy frizzy/curly hair, and acne. Ha! That was the most uncomfortable, awful time of my life! But I'm so glad God brings us through those times - this way we can really appreciate it when we grow up and finally feel comfortable in our own skin!

Brittney Galloway said...

I, too, had that awkward stage, and it mainly had to do with my crazy hair, changing from straight to a complete frizz machine, but didn't curl up for another four years! It was a disaster. My ponytail became my best friend, until I realized how hideous ponytails were on me!

Callie said...

It's nice to hear so may other people had to deal with the frizzy hair mess! I'm not the only one who had the awkward stage! I knew that before, but it's nice to hear it first hand. :o)

Jenene said...

If I had a picture of me when I was 14 on my computer (or anywhere on the internet), I would definitely share it with you.

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