Quotable Quotes of the Week

My goodness, Theodore Roosevelt said so many true things! But I had to pick, so here are a few quotes from that great president.

"Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering."
-Theodore Roosevelt

"The unforgivable crime is soft hitting. Do not hit at all if it can be avoided; but never hit softly."
-Theodore Roosevelt

"Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you've got to start young."

-Theodore Roosevelt
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Amber said...

Love the new layout!! I have no idea how to change mine like that. I'm hopeless when it comes to that kind of thing. Haha.

Callie said...

Thanks! I get the bakgrounds from www.thecutestblogontheblock.com. If you click on the Free Backgrounds link on the left sidebar, you can pick out any background you want. Then you just click on it, and they give you step-by-step directions on how to apply it to your blog! That's where I get all my backgrounds because it's not too hard to do, and it's free!

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