Trying My Hand At Home Decorating

Here are some of my new decorations! I had a burst of inspiration last week, took some of our unspent wedding money and bought all kinds of cool stuff on Monday, and finally put them in my house today! There are still some bare walls and I haven't done a thing with either of our bedrooms - still working on that - but I'm starting to whip my house into shape! After living here for about seven months (since we got married in July), it's about time I actually did something with it. Here are some of the decorations I've put up so far. It's kind of hard to get a feel from them just from the pictures without seeing them in my house, but it will give you an idea.

I'm so proud of myself on this last one, because I made it all myself! The idea struck me last week - I think it was an idea in an old JC Penny catalog, and it changed in my mind to my own version and suddenly presented itself to me with no sign of its coming. I bought some ribbon and found an aspen tree branch outside, and I took some of these great frames that I bought and put them all together. It looks better on my wall than in the picture, but you can kind of see it there.
I found some stuff that I could hang in my bathroom too. I had a bit of a hard time thinking of stuf for the bathroom, but once I got a starting piece that I liked I tried to work around that.

I put a nice little vase with river rocks and flower stems in it on our coffee table, and I bought "dried naturals" for the wooden bowl. And that's me and Derek in the frame. I got almost everything there at Hobby Lobby, except for the bowl, which I got at Target. Isn't Hobby Lobby great? They have all kinds of great home accents there!

The rest are arrangements on my walls, and they're kind of hard to see, but it turned out rather well. The quilt is on the big wall above the staircase, and Hobby Lobby had this cool three-picture frame and metal crosses that I thought were beautiful, so I just put those around the quilt.

My mom gave me that little iron shelf, and I put a figurine on it and bought some artificial flowers for the vase from the first flowers Derek ever gave me. My sister gave us the figurine for our wedding, because Derek is always picking me up like that, and she remembered I had said I liked it. She has a great memory, because I forgot all about it until I got it for our wedding, and I love it!
I finally have hung some of our wedding pictures on the wall! I've been wanting to for a while, so I'm glad that I finally got around to it. I love dried flowers too, and I found that fun "Love" metal hanging at Hobby Lobby too. If you haven't gone home-decorating shopping at Hobby Lobby before, they have some nice stuff! I already have something else in mind for our room when I start working on the bedrooms.

Anyway, that's some of my decorations, for those of you who haven't been to my house! My grandma is dropping by and I still have to frost some brownies, so until another day!

P.S. For my blogging buddies - if you all have pictures of your residences, I would like to see! I have pictures in my mind according to how I picture your states, but I'm sure my mind-images aren't entirely accurate. *smile*
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Brittney Galloway said...

Hi! It looks great! You made me curious to see if I ever posted pictures from the rest of our apartment, but could only find pictures of our office- which is the only finished room anyways! Also, I am glad your interview went well, I can't wait to hear the results!

Callie said...

Thanks Brittney! And I'll probably find out about the job at the end of next week; hoefully I'll get it!

Jenene said...

Your decorating looks great. I do not have those talents. My husband will decorate our house. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I might follow your blog too!

katie said...

The decor looks great!

I'm gonna have to make a picture hanger branch like you made! I think my husband would love it b/c he likes anything remotely nature-y and I could make it pretty with the ribbons and bows!

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