Why Haven't I Heard About this Until Now?

I was driving home from my six month dental cleaning and grocery shopping this afternoon, and I turned the radio to my favorite talk show host Rush Limbaugh. I'm a Rush baby and I listen to hime whenever I can. However when I changed to the correct station they were on one of those news breaks at the top of the hour. I wasn't really paying much attention to what was being said until I heard something about Obama and embryonic stem cell research.

Yes, that's right people, Obama signed a bill today which removes some of the funding limits on embryonic stem cell research that President Bush instituted and allows more tax-payer money to go toward this. So more of our hard-earned money is going toward killing human babies. What kills me is that I haven't heard about this bill until now. Everyone has been so focused on these ridiculous supposedly "economic stimulus" spending bills, and Obama just snuck this research bill in there while no one was looking. I'm pretty outraged at this! I do not want my taxes going toward something that I don't believe in, that I believe is morally wrong and unnecessary!

I knew there was a reason I was so depressed when Obama got elected. This is how America, and all she stands for, will die; not with a bang or a battle cry or shout. Only some will try to save her or mourn for her, because most won't even realize what has happened until it's too late. No America wil not die by any outside force - she will die by gradual, oh so gradual, internal wounds, as by a cancer that has hated what she has stood for from her foundation. And I don't think it will stop until everything we have loved about our country is eventually gone.

Let's do everything we can to try to save her - my fellow Christians, it is our responsibility as American citizens to try to preserve everything that is decent about our country, fight for all that is right and good and God-given, and save our country from these sneaky, deadly policies. I could do a better job of this myself - staying informed and getting involved. Will you join me?
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Jenene said...

Yes, we cannot be silent! We must stand up and fight for what we believe.

I have joined the Susan B. Anthony List, which notifies people about upcoming bills or decisions regarding abortion/stem cell research. If you join, the website will notify you of opportunities to sign and send a pre-written letter to our leaders, urging them to support our views.

Maybe you already know this, but just in case you hadn't, that is one way you can get involved.

Callie said...

Thanks Jenene! I didn't know about that, but I will definitely look it up now!

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