Barney At The White House (Though No Longer)

Hello all,
I discovered this around Christmas last year, but somehow it didn't make it on here. For any of you who want to reminisce about the good old days - I really did like President Bush. Obama better not try to copy this with his dog or I'll be upset. Anyway, I think these videos will make you laugh! This is what I wrote about it right after I discovered it:

Guys this is so fun! I was watching the news this morning and they started talking about Barney, President Bush's scottish terrior. Apparently every year they produce a video at the white house starring Barney. I had no idea President Bush even had a dog! My, I need to keep up on these things better. Anyway, the videos are really cute, you should all go watch them. Barney is a pretty cute dog! The website is You can watch all the videos on there. They are really fun (even if the acting isn't the best), so you should all go watch them for good chuckle! They're just cute!

Just something to make you smile! I hope you all have a great weekend!
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katie said...

Oh my word! I loved to watch Barney on the news sometimes but I had no idea there was a whole site and a bunch of movies for him. How awesome! Thanks for sharing this. It made my night!

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