A Beautiful Easter

Derek and I had a lovely Easter! We woke up at 5:00 and went to a sunrise service at a Christian camp near our house. I have alot of good memories at that camp - I was a camper there nine (?) different summers, I worked as a CIT (Counselor In Training) two summers, and I was a counselor there one summer (my favorite summer there I think). They do a sunrise service every year and have breakfast afterwards (with the best cinnamon rolls!). We went to the service and it was actually not too cold - the service is held outside on the hillside so we can watch the sunrise. I love it, because it makes you think what it was like that mornin g in the garden where the tomb was. We sang my favorite Easter hymn. Please see the previous post!

We came back home and got ready for the rest of the day, then we went and met Derek's parents for breakfast at Village Inn. Afterwards we went and spent a little time at Barnes and Nobles and visited there too. We had a really nice time visiting with them! My mother-in-law even bought us a book, which I thought was so sweet.

Derek and I ended up having a couple of hours to kill in town, because we met my family later on in the afternoon at the funnest restaurant ever! It's themed like Mexico, and the decor is fabulous! It really feels like you're on vacation. They have palm trees and Christmas lights, and a huge waterfall! There are divers, and they do these little shows too. There's all different atmospheres for the different seating areas, from caves, to mines, to really fancy spanish decor, to tropical forest! It's really cool. They also have an arcade, a spooky cave (Black Bart's Hideaway), a gift shop, an old time picture booth, one of those people that draws caricatures . . . all in the restuarant!

We had a fun time there with my parents and siblings and our friend Brad. I took pictures!

After the restaurant we all went to my parents house and had dessert and played a game. By the time we got up here again it was snowing (yes, snowing)! On Easter! I tell you, we've either had bitter cold Easters, foggy Easters, or snowy Easter for the last few years. It's okay though, because I still got to wear my Easter outfit! Overall though it was a beautiful first married Easter, and we had a wonderful time with our families and remembering that our Lord is risen!

Me and my mom at dinner.

Derek and my dad.

My sister and her boyfriend!

My brother and my sister-in-law!

Josh and Brad.

Derek and me being scared at Black Bart's Cave. *chuckle* We're crazy and fun like that.

Us ladies at my parents house.

Some pictures of Derek and me.
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Jessica said...

Looks like you had a great time...your dress was so cute!

Brittney Galloway said...

What a fun and busy day! That restaurant sounds amazing too1

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your Easter outfit! Beautiful! And I also love seeing how silly you and Derek are together! Hopefully I will find someone just as silly! :)

Hannah said...

Sounds like you all have a busy Easter. Your pics are cute..that restaurant sounds neat.

OlyviaNoel said...

What a memorable Easter! Your outfit was cute too :) That restaurant sounds like fun - now I have mexican food on my mind...

AmyK said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like you had fun!

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