Desks, Snow, Colds, and How To Have A More Pleasant Dental Visit

My goodness, I feel so behind in the blogging world, even though I just posted a Wordless Wednesday yesterday! You all have posted about a million things the last couple of days - I had to scroll way down my list to get all caught up on blog posts! It makes me feel like I'm slacking.

Derek has been sick the last couple of days. It hit him Tuesday night, and the poor guy is still sick - I thin he has a fever, he's coughing and stuffed up, and now he's starting to lose his voice. Of course the couple of days that my husband is sick I have to work, so I can't even stay home to take care of him! Nothing has been moved in the house since I left this morning, so I'm pretty sure he spent all day laying on the couch feeling awful. I made him eat a grapefruit this morning for vitamin C, and my sister stopped by on her lunch break (she works nearby) and made him soup, and my mom brought over some of her wonderful homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight (so I wouldn't have to try to think of something for dinner when I got home, and because Derek is sick). Thanks Mom and Rachel! I'm glad Derek at least ate something for lunch, and I'm sure the chicken noodle soup will work it's wonders. There's nothing like my mom's chicken noodle soup when you're sick.

On top of that, it's snowing tonight! It's supposed to be "the big one" of the year - they're guessing about three feet of snow! We'll see if it actually comes true. From what I gather from all your posts, it looks like you all are enjoying beautiful spring weather - now don't you feel sorry for me? I hope when you're outside basking in the sunshine and smelling the flowers, you'll pause to think of your poor blogging friend in Winter Wonderland. Is that a sufficient guilt trip? (Don't worry, I'm laughing as I'm typing - I don't hold your beautiful springtime against you.)

Something I've been thinking about as I've been working the last couple of weeks - if it is at all controllable, try not to go for a dental cleaning when you're in a bad mood. You have no idea how stressful it is when I have a patient comes in who is in a grumpy mood. It doesn't matter if they're not mad at me or not; if they are scowling before the appointment, or only give me one word answers when I try to chit chat, or act annoyed in any way, it puts a whole new level of pressure on me. I understand sometimes things may be happening in their lives to make them upset, but working in the mouth is a touchy thing anyway, and the last thing you want is to make your dental caregiver nervous about being around you before they even get in your mouth. Not to mention the tremendous mental taxation it gives us dental professionals - you don't want to cause pain to anyone, but you definitely don't want to cause pain to a grumpy person because they may yell at you or something. When the dental professional is nervous it's just not good for anyone; so have mercy on those poor people who never did anything to you and try to cheer yourself up before you go in to your appointment. There's Callie's Helpful Hint of the Day.

Another exciting thing this week - Derek finished the desk he's been making me! I told him I wanted a small desk to go in our dining area, so I could put my laptop on it, and with a drawer for some of my odds and ends. Up until now the laptop's home has been our kitchen table - but no more! Derek finally got to put the table saw I got hime= for his birthday to use. It's an absolutely beautiful piece of furniture! Derek made it out of pine, and the top of the desk has a little strip of barn wood around the edge (it's gorgeous), and it has a little drawer (Derek let me pick out the drawer pull), and the legs of the desk are little logs (carved out by Derek himself)! My husband is pretty brilliant at making furniture.

Pictures of the desk and the snow to come!
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Brittney Galloway said...

I hope Derek feels better! and the desk does sound gorgeous- I can't wait to see a picture of it!

Jessica said...

I'm sorry to hear that it's snowing there :-(

Sounds like your husband is pretty handy :-) I can't wait to see pictures of the desk!

Katie Spinks said...

aw hope Derek gets better I know exactly how he is feeling. I really hope you didn't get 3 feet of snow or i really will be feeling bad for you. Please post pictures of your desk it sounds gorgeous!! Hope you have a great weekend - take care of your sick husband but don't catch it yourself.

Jenene said...

Your husband made you a desk? That's so cool! And you know what might help him feel better? Potatoes.

We just bought a whole bunch, and we read that they are more nutritious than broccoli and spinach COMBINED. Well, at least sweet potatoes are. Plus, they taste better.

Take heart, you will eventually see spring! And if it makes you feel better, today isn't such a nice day. :)

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