What I've Been Up To

So here's what I've accomplished today.

1. I cleaned the kitchen. I mean cleaned the kitchen. I did all the normal cleaning, plus I cleaned the old food out of the fridge and wiped down the inside. It was getting rather grimy.

2. I did laundry. Poor Derek was almost entirely out of socks, so I finally got caught up on that.

3. Had my mom and sister and hubby here for lunch. We had a nice visit.

4. Baked ginger cookies. Yum! I needed something good to pack in Derek's lunch.

5. Made a pizza! I'm going to pop it in the oven after Derek gets off work. It's not cooked yet, but it still looks good!

6. Wrote a letter that I've been meaning to write for months. It's coming soon, Hazel!

7. Took a bath and washed my hair.

8. Worked on a Scrapblog that Ive been trying to get done for a while. It's still not quite done, but we're getting there.

That may not sound like alot, but it has taken up most of my day. Sorry for the boring post - I wanted to do a real post today, but I ran out of time! I got alot done that has been on my list for a while though, so it's been a productive day. I love my days off - when I use them right it really gives me a chance to catch up!

P.S. This is how the pizza turned out. Nice, huh?

And this is what Derek brought home! He bought me Chunky Monkey ice cream, 'cause he knows I love it! He's so sweet!

Hope you all have a good evening!
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jessb829 said...

making a pizza is on my to-do list..i've never done it before..

also chunkey monkey is my friends' favorite ice-cream..what is it???..lol

Callie said...

It's banana ice crean with chocolate chunks and walnuts. Mmmm! It's my favorite.

OlyviaNoel said...

That pizza looks great! And chunky money ice cream is so tasty! It's nice to take a day and accomplish things that you've been wanting to do.

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