Oh, What To Do?

Well, our first anniversary is fast aproaching, and the question is hanging over my head: what should we do for our anniversary? I know some of you other married ladies must be thinking the same thing as your anniversaries approach. What are your plans? Do you have any ideas yet?

So the other day I was exploring TheNest.com, which is a website/magazine for newlyweds. It's actually a pretty fun website - it has all kinds of tools and articles for budgeting, staying in shape, decorating, cooking, etc. And if you make an account with them you can make a wedding/newlywed website (which is kind of fun - see ours). Some of the other people can get nasty on the community boards (it is a secular site), so beware of that, but otherwise I enjoy playing with all the stuff you can do on there.

Anyway, I was reading a few articles on TheNest.com, when I came across a couple articles on ideas for celebrating your anniversary. I thought some of the ideas were good, so I thought I'd share the articles with you guys! Here they are:

Big Anniversary, Small Budget

7 Ways To Wow On Your Anniversary

Both of the articles are good, though there is one inappropriate thing under suggestion # 3 of "7 Ways to Wow on Your Anniversary" (not the whole suggestion, but one thing - you'll know when you read it). Alot of good ideas though - check the articles out and let me know what you think! Here are the suggestions that I might use for our anniversary:

From "Big Anniversary, Small Budget" by Natalie Ermann Russell:

"Make a book of the highlights of your life together as a hitched couple. Paste in pictures, starting with your wedding day, followed by trips, holidays, and moving into your first house. Fill it in with candids and cute quotes. Leave blank pages in the back so you can load up with new memories next year."
I've already started to do this on Scrapblog.com. Maybe I'll buckle down and finish our first year of marriage in pictures, then get a book printed for our anniversary!

"Splurge on a honeymoon-style dinner. If you went to Puerto Vallarta, check out an authentic Mexican restaurant where you can dig in to your favorite meals from your most romantic trip. Or if you visited in the Greek isles, find a Mediterranean bistro and order all the feta you can handle."
I'm pretty sure we'll go to a nice dinner somewhere, but I liked the idea of finding a restaurant that reminds us of our honeymoon!

From "7 Ways to Wow on Your Anniversary" by Wendy Paris:

"1. Relive the Past
Celebrate with a stay-at-home nostalgia fest. Watch your wedding video or flip through your wedding album and honeymoon photos. Pick desserts that are similar to your wedding cake."

We're actually going to eat the top part of our cake - Derek's sister, who cut our cake, was very careful to save us the top, and I didn't get any of our cake at the wedding, so I'm going to try it then!

"4. Rely on Surprise
Leave little love notes where you know your honey will find them (on the bathroom mirror, in his briefcase, or on her cell phone). Get up early and make waffles with whipped cream. Hire a massage therapist to make a house call. Make overnight reservations at a B and B. Try anything that flies in the face of your routine."

I especially like the idea of leaving little surprise notes for Derek - that's a fun thing to do and it's free! And I might wake up and make him a big breakfast too - so many possibilities!

So what do you think? Which suggestions did you like from the articles? What are you planning for your anniversary, or what did you do on your first year anniversary?
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Brittney Galloway said...

Great post! That's exactly what has been on my mind lately. Only 2 weeks to our 1 year, and we are living with our inlaws! I think we'll be taking a trip away for a night or two!

Katie Spinks said...

that is fun - we had big plans to go away for our first anniversary then my grandma got real sick with her cancer and we had to cancel so we went just for dinner - we ended up going away for our anniversary like 5 months after lol... but Im excited to hear what you will do for it!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Our anniversary is in 3 weeks...and I have NO idea what we'll do, haha. I already got my gift (camera)...still trying to figure out what to get him. :(

Thanks for the post! I may refer back to this! And I'm checking out scrapblog right now...it looks cool!

AmyK said...

Fantastic. I LOVELOVELOVE the idea of going somewhere that reminds us of our honeymoon! Fantastic! We're still working on planning ours, too--two and a half months to go! We're kind of leaning toward going to a bunch of different places. Like, have hubby take the week off work and we'll go south one day, southeast another, stay in a hotel once or twice, go north, blahblahblah. Just explore and go to a bunch of different places. But at the same time, I'm not sure I like that idea enough to do it for an anniversary. That idea of something to remind you of your honeymoon makes me want to go to the mountains--'cause we went to Whistler, BC for our honeymoon.

Anonymous said...

ha ha! That's EXACTLY what I'm doing. Since we've been married I've been working on a scrapblog of our first year that I'll give him for our anniversary. The traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper, so it will fit right in!

Jenene said...

Yup, I too have been wondering what we are going to do for our 1st anniversary. We'll have to have a small-budget celebration.

$2 says that we'll be hanging out with our friends, because that's what they did on their 1st anniversary.

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