Shreddingness And My Wedding Weight

I just finished the first workout of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred! Everyone has been talking about what a good workout DVD this was, and I was getting sick of my other one, so I decided to buy it. It was a hassle trying to get it though. First I ordered it off the internet, but then it was deemed undeliverable to our address (which is weird because lots of other things have been delivered here just fine). So I decided to go try to find it in a store, and I had to go to a few different places before I found it. But find it I did.

I was pretty excited to try it, because Jillian is my favorite trainer on the Biggest Loser, and I'm determined to stay as lean as possible through my married years (which will hopefully include the rest of my life). I have been slacking as of late - I want to be at my wedding weight by our anniversary (and I'm three pounds away). I'm starting to find it hard to believe I was really that light at my wedding. I feel like I'm in good shape now, but somehow I'm three pounds heavier! Anyway, we'll see if Jillian can work some wonders in the month I have left until our anniversary; of course she'll probably make me gain muscle, which will make me heavier . . .

So I jumped right in to the workout. I decided to start with level one, because that's what Jillian said to do. Other workout DVDs that I've done have left me feeling like I'm going to die by the end of it. I must say that at the end of this DVD (at least level one) I didn't feel like I was going to die - I'm expecting that feeling tomorrow, however.

This DVD did do something that I haven't experienced with other DVDs though - it made my muscles quiver. In the middle of the second round of strength training my body was quivering. It was kind of a weird feeling. If my muscles are shaking, she must have worked them pretty hard. It's funny, because the individual exercises didn't feel that hard while I was doing them, but goodness, together they make you feel like a blob of jelly. That's always the sign of a good workout DVD: the jelly blob feeling.

I'll let you know tomorrow how sore I feel. Right now I have aspirations to do the level one workout and the level two workout tomorrow, but we'll see how much pain I'm in.

So, any of you have a few pounds to lose? What's your strategy? Anybody else set a wedding weight goal, like I did?

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Brittney Galloway said...

Wow! I'm impressed! After my first week of being literally unable to walk, I sent the dvd back to netflix! It's wonderful, but I really like the theory of staying healthy and not concentrating on that number (of course, if I ballooned up then I would be afraid,) but until then, making smart choices and not being stressed about loosing those final couple of pounds seem to be the healthier choice.

Jenene said...

I didn't have a wedding weight goal. I've always been tiny, I wasn't really worried about gaining weight.

I think I have gained a little bit since I got married, but that's because I've been sitting around the house for 10 months. But we eat pretty healthy around here, so it can only get better!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Haha I love your description of the quivering muscles and jelly blob feeling. Definitely good signs. :)

I actually don't track my weight, just how I look and feel. Keeps me away from looking back to that wedding weight. :)

AmyK said...

Go you!
I actually need to gain weight, not lose... Stress'll make ya lose weight, but not in a good way; I learned that one the hard way!

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