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I've decided to join my blogging friend Jessica in doing weekly "Wedding Wednesday" posts every week until our wedding anniversary! I thought this was a great idea. She decided to do this because she wasn't blogging back then, and she has a bunch of wedding stories and details she would like to share. So I'm going to do the same thing until our anniversary, which just happens to be on the same day as Jessica's!

However, I didn't want to do these posts on exactly the same day as Jessica, because it was her idea, after all; so I'm going to do "Tying-the-Knot Thursdays". Here is the first installment!

If I had to pick the one thing I might have done a little differently about our wedding, it would be the cake. Don't get me wrong, I thought the cake turned out fine; but it just wasn't quite my vision.

We had a pretty tight wedding budget. And a significant portion of it was spent on the dress (it was the dress I loved, so we just worked it in - more on the dress in a future post). So we didn't have a ton of money left for other details, such as the cake.

Here was my cake vision:

A cake like this . . .

Only in this color green with this beautiful "Circle of Love - Stylish Embrace" wedding cake topper:

I love the look of fondant. If I could have, I would have wanted a fondant cake. My vision was a light green fondant cake, with white and deep purple sugar flowers scattered around the cake. I really wanted a square tiered cake too.

But alas, fondant is very expensive! We checked into the prices of a couple of local bakeries, and goodness, wedding cakes with fondant are pricey! I didn't realize this until we really looked into it. So that was a "no" on the fondant.

We tried to think of a couple options. I could have a more expensive, smaller cake and supplement it with sheet cakes. This would have been a fine option, but even this turned out to be a bit out of our price range - so that was a "no".

The other option was to get a cake from a grocery store bakery, because it's less expensive. We checked into King Sooper's, Safeway, and Walmart. Walmart has really great prices on cakes, for any of you who might be wondering! However, they didn't have square cakes there, which was rather disappointing to me - I would have loved a square cake. Safeway would have been able to do a square cake, but it was a little too expensive (once again). Another "no". I think I handled all these "no's" rather well!

I was flexible. I agreed to a round cake, and the bakery said they could mix up some butter cream frosting in the shade of green that I wanted. I asked if they could try to make the frosting really smooth, so it would be simialr to fondant - they said they would. They also asked if I wanted "pearls" of frosting around the base of each layer - I wasn't really sure I wanted that. I liked the fondant cakes that were just smooth. But the bakery needed something to cover that area I think, because I don't think they thought they could frost it smoothly around the base. so I agreed. Just small delicate pearls.

I ordered some sugar flowers very inexpensively off the internet - some of those bakery websites are amazing! I was determined to make this cake fit my vision, even if it wasn't fondant, and I was pretty sure it would turn out great.

The first bump in the road: the website that I ordered my cake topper from was a scam. They never sent the topper, and when we tried to contact the guy he was no longer available at that address. He took the money and ran. There was no time and money left to order another one like it before the wedding.

We ended up having to go to Walmart and find a topper there. Walmart again! The topper was pretty though and a similar style to the original, so I was okay with it. But it was a little disappointing not to have gotten the topper I wanted. Walmart!

The day before the wedding arrived. This was the one day that I really started to get stressed out. A bunch of ladies from our church came over to help get the building for our reception ready, and I think they all could tell I was freaking out a little bit. They all kept saying it was going to be okay, and everything would turn out fine. Which made me want to start crying. I wasn't a bridezilla - I was a weeping bride-to-be. I think Derek's relatives probably thought I was way too high maintenance and sensitive, but oh well.

Well, the cake arrived from the bakery. When I saw it I was disappointed! They got the color entirely wrong - it turned out to be this grass/kelly green color, which was not what I wanted at all! I wanted a light green, just slightly more vivid than pastel green. I didn't want a kelly green cake! On top of that the ride to our house made it melt and lean just a little. And the green "pearls" they were supposed to put around the base turned out more like green marbles - we had a good laugh about that. Not what I was expecting at all.

First thing I would have done differently: insisted upon seeing the frosting color before they frosted it.

Second thing: Forget the "pearls".

Third thing: Just paid a little bit out of my own pocket and got a different cake that was closer to what I wanted!

I think I held it together very well at this point. Even though other things started making me cry, the cake just got an "oh well", and I just tried to make it as pretty as possible.

I turned it on the cake table so it was less obvious that it was leaning.

I convinced myself that nobody would know it wasn't the way I had wanted the cake (though I'm sure a few people were wondering what made me pick that color).

I decorated it as prettily as possible with my flowers.

So this is what I ended up with. Note the topper - I thought it was actually very pretty:

Like I said, the cake looked alright, and I tried to make it pretty, even though the color is atrocious. Not on it's own, but compared to what I wanted. Note the color of my bridesmaid's dresses:

I was going for something closer to that color.

I was terrified of spilling that awful green frosting on my dress and staining it - or on Derek's tux, which we rented. But Derek and I were really nice during the feeding cake part of the reception, even though everyone told me I should get some on his face. I don't think newly married couples should be mean to each other like that, as one of the first things they do together as husband and wife.

Anyway, that's my cake story! Just in case any of you had seen the cake color before and were wondering. Feel free to tell me the color isn't that bad, or I did a nice job putting the flowers on it or something!

This will forver be my one regret - but it's not really too big of a deal! I'm over it, pretty much. The wedding is about the marriage, not the cake.

Cake images taken from The Knot.
Cake topper image taken from Weddingcollectibles.com.
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katie said...

Well I just have to say I'm glad I'm not the only one who has things she might do differently about her wedding. And just the detail type stuff, not the important parts like the man and the dress. :)

Anyway, I think the topper is gorgeous! And the cake is definitely festive!

BTW: The girls dresses are beautiful!

Fun series! I might have to join in on it too, but maybe a little closer to my anniversary!

Jessica said...

Aw...it seems like there's always that one thing that didn't go right on the wedding day. The cake still looks good, though...the topper and flowers are beautiful!

Luke and I didn't smash cake in each others' faces either. Everyone thought he would, because he likes to joke around. But he was very sweet...I was happy :-)

Chandra said...

Thanks for your comment, it inspired me to do a post about the colors, since others had asked as well! I just finished it, please check it out! :)

Chandra said...

Oh, I forgot to mention- if you do decide that you don't like the color you chose and want to try another, you may want/need to use a layer of white primer first, esp. if the color was dark. Even if you get a good even coating of the new color, the under layer can still show through and affect the way the new color looks.

Anonymous said...

nice article, keep the posts coming

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