A Big Bag of Cheese

Not too long ago my husband introduced me to buying in bulk. At first I was skeptical - I saw his freezer when he was a bachelor. A big bag of chicken, a big bag of vegetables and a big bag of cheese. Healthy, but you can't eat chicken and vegetables every day.

A couple months ago he took me to Sam's Club. We bought cheese, vegetables, frozen chicken breasts, frozen fruit, and a big box of individually wrapped chimichangas (Derek likes those). It came out to close to one hundred dollars worth of stuff! I was having an anxiety attack thinking about how quickly our grocery budget had been depleted, but Derek assured me that this stuff would last us for months.
Alas, he was right! I still have some of the frozen fruit and chicken from our first shopping trip. Yesterday we went back and stocked up on vegetables and more chicken and cheese. I had another anxiety attack. Derek reassured me again. I think this will be our ritual every three months.

It's worth it though! I love being able to pull out a frozen chicken breast and throw it in the oven for lunch. It's really nice not to have to buy shredded cheese every other week - I can just pull out one of my frozen baggies of cheese and let it thaw and we're ready to go (I bag the cheese up and freeze it). and we always seem to have some nice fruit around, which is a great plus, because I'm a big fan of strawberries and blueberries on my cereal. My hubby was right - for some things, buying in bulk is the way to go. He's a pretty smart man. Anybody else buy in bulk?

The pictures are just me and smart husband, by the way. The first is from Easter, and the second is from back when we were first dating - boy, I look young in that one! They don't have alot to do with this post.
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Anonymous said...

We do buy some things in bulk. Cheese is a good one. The problem right now is we just don't have the freezer space in those small apartment freezers. But if you can, it usually does save you a bit.

Anonymous said...

.....and pictures are always good, even if they don't relate to the post!

Brittney Galloway said...

Buying in bulk is fun, though I tend to like finding treats in bulk, haha! Also, if you are ever looking for good furniture, Sam's has great stuff! Our couch was from there and seriously, every person who ever sat on it wanted to buy it from us right then and there!

AmyK said...

If we had more freezer space we'd buy just about everything in bulk. It's SO much cheaper than buying things as you need them.

But of course, I've never had luck with freezing cheese. Toss it in the freezer, and when I pull it out and thaw it, it's gross. Weird.

Hannah said...

we buy in bulk some... i'm like you though, i don't like seeing all that money drop at once. Patrick's mom is a huge fan of it though(she's super frugal) and she's somewhat rubbing off on me.

I really like the length of your hair in that last pic!!

Jessica said...

Like you, I always get overwhelmed by the price when I try to buy in bulk. I need to get past that and realize it will last a lot longer!

Unknown said...

Even though I hate to admite, some guys can be right sometimes lol.

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