Tying the Knot Thursday - The Getaway

The cake was cut, first dance was done, the food was eaten - it was time to make our getaway! Everyone filed outside and Derek and I got ready to make the mad dash to our car. I really didn't think the "rice" (which was actually birdseed) would be too bad. But gracious, our wedding guests just pelted us with it! They had big baskets of birdseed and were taking handfuls of it and it just kept coming and coming. When I got undressed later there must have been at least a handful caught in my dress and underclothes. It was bad. But we got some good pictures from the ordeal!

We got to our car, all ready to get in and drive away. But alas, the groomsmen had put shaving cream on all the door handles and filled the interior with toilet paper and balloons! Derek had to dig out a place for me to sit before I could get in. He got in on the other side and got ready to start the car. Nothing. Apparently they had also disconnnected the battery to the car. Everyone had a good laugh over that while my brother reconnected the battery.

This is a picture of the culprits at work while Derek and I were blissfully ignorant inside the reception hall.

Finally the battery was reconnected, the toilet paper cleared away, and the shaving cream wiped off Derek's hands. I love the "Just Married" painted on the windows - it was fun to drive around with the car all painted like that. And yes, there were also cans tied on the rear bumper!

Off to the Honeymoon!
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Brittney Galloway said...

So cute! I love all of the pictures, it really paints the scene!

Jessica said...

The picture with all the birdseed flying at you is so cute! I love it. Our bridal party wrote "Just Married" and things like that ALL over our car windows, too. Luke tried to wash it off before we left for the honeymoon, but it wouldn't come off! So everywhere we drove on the honeymoon, people knew we were newlyweds...it was kind of fun!

AmyK said...

I think it'd be funny (okay, a little mean, too, haha) to rewire newlyweds' car so the horn is wired to the breaks. Whenever they hit the breaks, the horn goes off! Hahahaa!

I'm glad we skipped the birdseed thing!

AmyK said...

"Breaks" or "brakes"? Haha!
So much for being an English major!
I'm a dunce, I guess ;)

Callie said...

I think that would be funny too! I've seen weddings where they actually have done that!

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