Baby Blankets Of Purple Yarn

Did any of you know that I knit? I'm not sure I've mentioned it before. Well, I knit. Any fellow knitters out there?

I started last fall, when both Derek and I were unemployed and I wanted a hobby that wasn't too expensive to pass the time. Well, knitting is a wonderful hobby, because it doesn't cost alot to get started! All you need is a couple of needles and some yarn. And some knitting instructions, but the cost for instructions is minimal, if you have to pay anything at all.

Last fall I decided I was going to knit a patchwork blanket - you know, where you knit squares of different colors, and eventually when you finish all the pieces you connect them all together. They look really neat! See . . .

Image from It's a really cool website, and they're having a sale - check it out.

I decided I would try to finish the blanket before we had kids (which was 2-3 years at that time), so I figured I would have plenty of time, right? Well, I've learned I'm extremely slow at knitting. Here's what I've accomplished so far.

Yeah. A square and a half. And I have to make about twenty. Somehow I'm not sure if I'll make my baby deadline. At this rate, I should be done with this blanket by the time Baby Number One starts middle school.

But I have renewed determination to get going on my knitting! No more watching television with idle hands - I should be knitting while I watch Biggest Loser this fall! And I will. At least until I get tired of knitting and stop for several months again. Oh boy.
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Jessica said...

One of my bucket list items is to learn to knit...did you teach yourself? I figured I could probably find a website or something that would teach me :-)

Good luck on making your blanket! I love the idea of joining the squares and creating a quilted effect. I'm sure your first daughter/son will think it's so special that you made it especially for him/her!

Unknown said...

Great hobby! xxx

Meg said...

haha... I used to knit, but I like Crocheting better. :) I started an afghan uh, six years ago now. I'm a little over half way finished, but I rarely work on it anymore. I need to pull it back out...thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Knitting/sewing/crocheting and all of that is something I never got in to. I know people who make beautiful things though! Good luck with your project!

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my site! Life has been busy lately and I haven't left comments anywhere in days!

Yes, I knit! Only scarves, but I've made a ton of them -- it can totally get addictive! :)

My little brother used to tease me when I lived at home because I had a rocking chair in my room and I used to sit there and knit. He was always giving me the "Granny" jokes...especially when I had my glasses on. LOL

Keep it up!

Jenene said...

I learned how to knit this spring! So far I've almost completed one baby bootie for my sister. I told her I would sent her a pair by the time she had the baby in November. I better get on it!

Blanket My Baby said...

Wow, you skilllllz! I love the patchwork blanket. Keep up the good work.

Kate Craig said...

I always think I'm going to like knitting... but don't. :)

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