Senate Votes On Obamacare Tomorrow - Contact Your Senator ASAP

The senate is voting on Obamacare tomorrow. This plan will be disastrous for healthcare in America. A new study by Price Waterhouse Cooper on "The Potential Impact of Health Reform On The Cost of Private Health Insurance Coverage" came out this past week, and this plan is scary. Get ready for healthcare costs to at least double if this bill passes. Also read this article by Ernest Istook from The Heritage Foundation on how "'Reform' Means You Pay More For Healthcare" for a brief summary of the study.

If you are against this new healthcare plan you need to contact your senators tonight before they go in to vote on this plan tomorrow! Hugh Hewitt has a list of "Democratic senators that need to hear from you" along with their contact information. If your senator is on the list, call or e-mail them ASAP! Even if your representative is not on the list they still need to hear from you. We need to stop this bill now.

Here's what I wrote to my senator:


I am against Obamacare in all it's forms, including the so called "moderate" plan. I just heard about the new Price Waterhouse Cooper study, and I cannot afford Obama's healthcare reform plan. Please vote no on Obamacare, or I will do everything I can to get you voted out of office when you come up for re-election.


Callie, RDH

Short and sweet. That's all it takes, but make sure they know that they are out of office next year if they vote for this.
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Jenene said...

I just finished sending the message to all the Senators on that list, as well as the two in my state. Thank you for this post.

I meant to post about this earlier, but I couldn't keep it short enough!

I'm going to try and blog about tonight. It's so important, I can't keep quiet!

Stephen and Larissa said...

Scary! Thanks for the post. I've got some e-mails to send....

Unknown said...

Hope it works out for you.

Kara @ Just1Step said...

I checked...none of ours are on the list. Way to go Callie. :)

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