Teddy Bear

I was recently "challenged" by Amy at I Then Shall Live to do a post on my blog about my childhood stuffed animal or blanket.

I was definitely a teddy bear girl. My original teddy bear was carried off into the forest by our dog when I was six years old. I was pretty sad for a while, and I couldn't seem to find another stuffed animal that could compare to my first teddy bear.

But then one Christmas my parents gave me a new teddy bear - it looked alot like my old one with green "pajamas" and white fur. I actually accidentally saw Teddy before Christmas that year, because I was trying to find something and opened my mom's closet to see this cute little guy peeking out of my stocking - so before I even officially received my teddy bear I loved him!

Teddy and I have been through alot together. He got so many holes in him - I always patched him with this red corduroy material, usually around Christmas time for some reason - I guess I always wanted him to look perfect for Christmas. Maybe I subconsciously decided to patch him at Christmas time because that's when I got him in the first place. All of his arms and legs and a significant portion of his body are red corduroy now.

I slept with him for many years - I liked having something to hold on to while I slept. The habit of holding him curled up in my right arm is so ingrained in me that to this day when I sleep I tend to curl my right arm like I'm holding something still . . .

So tell me about your childhood stuffed animal or blanket. I'm passing the challenge on to all of you - do a post about your childhood friend and post pictures. I told you about mine, let's hear about yours!
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Unknown said...

Love the picture :)

I had a blanket that my Granddad bought me. We called it 'Ticket' because I wasn't actually interested in the blanket. I just liked pulling it around by the ticket/label sewn on. :)

It is like a rag now but will never be parted or have it repaired.

Brittney Galloway said...

Aww, this is cute! I didn't have a blanket or stuffed animal, but instead had a "little pillow." that my mom had made for me. I have no clue why it was just a pillow, haha! I wasn't so interested in the pillow, as I was in sticking my thumb inside of the pillow case and sucking on my thumb (+material.) Weird. I know.

Tatiana said...

that is too cute! I usually had a little furry stuffed dog that I would sleep with, but I cheated on him with a lot of other toys. Haha

Jessica said...

Aww, so cute! I had a white blanket that I used to always hold up against my nose/mouth. So weird...it was soft and silky so I guess I just liked the feel of it on my face! My mom even cut it into three pieces, and gave one piece to each grandma for naps and sleepovers at their houses :-)

Bailey Ann said...

Cute! I had a quilt that one of my mom's friends made for me when I was a baby. I slept with it and carried it around the house so much that my mom couldn't even wash it without it falling apart :-). I saw your older blog about your new puppy too. He's so adorable! Puppies are definitely a handful though, like you said.

AmyK said...

Stinking cute! I'm glad you posted one. It's fun to see what other people had!

I can't believe your original teddy got carried away! That's so sad! I would have been devastated if something had happened to Baby Turtle. Heck, I'm sure that if something were to happen even now I'd be devastated! Haha!

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