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Derek and I are movie buffs. That's one of the things that we like to do together - go to the movies. At the same time we're rather picky about the movies that we go to see - we won't see just anything. We actually like kid's movies best most of the time, but we enjoy action too. And I like a good, clean chick flick. So here's my take on some of the movies that we saw in 2009.

On The "To Buy" List:

Up - Probably my new favorite Pixar film - I loved it! It was sweet and funny. Derek liked it a lot too - this is probably our number one movie of the year.

Race to Witch Mountain - Good, clean movie. If you like aliens and suspense (which I do), you would like this one. I wouldn't let young kids see it though, because it's a little tense in places.

Julie and Julia - I really liked it! A little profanity and crude language, but the story was cute. I like cooking and blogging, and this movie combined both of those things. I also that Meryl Streep did a great job as Julia Child, and I like Amy Adams, so it was up there on the list for me. See my review "Julie and Julia".

Fireproof - I know this came out last year, but we bought it this year, and it's a great movie, so it's making the list anyway. Great for a date night, and a marriage builder. See my review "Fireproof Review (And Derek Got A Job!)".

Transformers 2 - We love Transformers. Not for kids, some profanity and other stuff. They are good pro-military movies though, and we appreciate that. I'm sure we'll be buying this one.

Marley and Me - This came out last year, but my sister and I saw it this year. I liked it a lot, but it made me want to cry. Not a kid's movie. But it really makes me appreciate my dogs, and it keeps me from getting too mad at Harvey when he chews things up. See my review "Just Lovin' On My Dogs".

Liked It; Might Buy It, Might Not:

Star Trek - I'm a borderline Trekkie, so I liked it. There was one line in the movie, a joke about bestiality, that I did not appreciate, and one suggested sex scene. Those things mar it and keep it from being a great movie.

Terminator 4 - Probably one of the best of the Terminators, in my opinion, but if you didn't like the other ones you wouldn't like this one.

Night at the Museum 2 - Liked it a lot, and we'll probably buy it, but maybe a little too much Egyptian spirituality stuff. But very funny - we'll probably buy it.

G-force - Just a cute kid movie. We liked it pretty well.

Eh, Could Take It Or Leave It:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Definitely a guy movie, but I liked it alright. It's a continuation of the other X-men movies, which we have, so we might get it.

GI Joe - Really, really, a guy's movie. Lots of action, but I didn't like the girl at all. I don't care if she was under the influence of some weird technical thing, she did some pretty bad stuff. And at the end he just pretended she didn't do anything, and oh, how unfair that she's in jail now. Derek liked it (he's a guy, after all), but as a girl, it was just alright.

Inkheart - I kind of liked it, but it was pretty scary. Once again, not for kids.

Didn't Like Them:

A Christmas Carol - Now, this one was okay, but it is definitely not for kids. They added a lot of gruesome, scary things that I thought were completely unnecessary, so it kind of ruined it for me. Just okay, and it was cool to watch it in 3D, but not our favorite version of A Christmas Carol.

The Tale of Despereaux - This came out late last year, but we saw it in 2009. Didn't like it at all. The morals were pretty messed up - basically everyone kept doing everyone else wrong, then they summed it up at the end by saying that all their actions were just a natural reaction of being hurt themselves. Totally excused and passed the blame for all the wrongs committed in the movie - I wouldn't let my kids see it.

The Box - The premise is that a woman receives a box with a button - if she pushes the button she'll get a million dollars, but someone in the world will die.

I thought this movie would be along the lines of Signs or The Village or the Joker in The Dark Knight, where it was some maniac criminal or aliens playing a sick game with humans, but in the end they would catch them or kill them.

Not that way at all. It was actually very spiritual and bizarre, and they never did say who was giving out the boxes - but from a Christians perspective it seemed demonic. I was wishing I had done a little more research on it, and Derek and I were both wishing we had just left the theater when it started getting weird.

I kept thinking they'd figure it all out in the end, and that's why we stayed. But the end does not justify it at all - in fact the end makes the entire movie even more dark, demonic-feeling, and depressing. We should have just left the theater.

Lesson learned - if you feel funny about the way the movie is going, it's probably the Holy Spirit telling you it's not right, and you should just leave.

Movies I Didn't See, But I'd Like To:

The Blind Side - Heard it was really good, and I really want to see it.

The Princess and the Frog - In the true spirit of the old Disney animated films - I've got to see this one!

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 - We love Alvin and the Chipmunks! Derek and I are both excited to go see this one - we're thinking we might see it on New Year's Day.

Amelia - About Amelia Earhart. I might like to see it - I like historical movies like that.

Time Traveler's Wife - I'm rather intrigued, but I don't know if it's clean or not. I have to do more research.

Surrogates - Derek saw it with my mom and grandma. Again, I'm kind of intrigued, but I don't know how it will be. They did say it promoted marriage, which is always good to see.

So there's my list. By our movie experiences this year, we learned that we mostly like kid's movies, if it's just rated PG-13 for violence we'll probably like it, if we aren't liking the direction of the movie just get a refund, and Plugged In Online movie reviews are usually right on when it comes to PG-13 movies, and their reviews are always thorough, though I disagree with them sometimes on the kid's movies.

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Unknown said...

I like your list Callie :) I really enjoyed a Christmas Carol but I agree the interpretation of it was a little 'dark.'

You will love the chipmunks squeakel movie. I was laughing a lot through it. I really enjoyed The Time Travellers Wife but I recommend you read the book first to fully understand the authors' intentions. My friend went with me and she hadn't read the book. She found it quite distressing but if you read the book it makes it a lot clearer :)

The Blind Side comes out over here next month and I think it will be my first film of 2010!

Have a great new year :)

Brittney Galloway said...

I agree, the Christmas Carol was WAY too dark for kids, but I appreciate how "right on," it was to the nature of the book. Seriously, it went line by line, description by description, except for the weird chase scene with the ghost of Christmas future.

And you have to see The Blind Side! It was so good! I liked Surrogates too. Very interesting!

Anna said...

Great list! I too LOVED Up. One of the best Pixar movies so far. So whimsical with such a completely original storyline.

I never got to see Julie and Julia, but I still want to. We love Fireproof, and Marley and Me was cute, although I don't think I would watch it again (once was enough). I also loved Night at the Museum 2 - the history and the fantasy grounded in reality.

I agree with you about A Christmas Carol. The animation was beautiful, and there were some great moments. But it was so dark and grotesque and scary for so much of the movie. I think the only redeeming quality of that was the focus on the brevity of life. But of course, without the hope of Christ, that's an empty reminder.

We need to see The Blind Side too!

Jessica said...

Good list! I agreed with just about all of your reviews. I just watched Julie and Julia on Sunday, and it is on my "to-buy" list as well. I LOVED it!! I think bloggers can especially relate to Julie :-)

You have to see The Blind Side! This was by far my favorite movie of the year. It was such a sweet story. I cried a little, but it was nothing compared to how hard I cried for Marley and Me! It was just completely heart-wrenching and inspired me to try to be a little more like Christ. I can't wait to hear what you think of it when you see it :-)

Oh, and I can't remember if Time Traveler's Wife was clean or not, but make sure you have some tissues with you when you watch it. I think I cried through half of the movie. I am a pretty crazy-emotional movie-watcher, though!

Lidiya Lastur said...

i agree with you on the movies I saw as well.. we didn't see "The Box" and it seemed like a good movie-BUT i don't think we will if it is like that. I hate movies that leave you in the dark at the end, and when they don't make sense. So.. yeah.
We want to see The Time Traveler's Wife too-haven't seen that. Good picks Callie :)

Jenene said...

I watched Julie and Julia on the plane to Manitoba, and I loved it! I can't wait to watch it with some girlfriends.

I read The Time Traveler's Wife, and it's not a clean book. Which is too bad, because the story is so different and interesting.

I saw about half of the movie on the plane back from Manitoba last night, and for the most part, I liked it. There is a fair bit of backside nudity, because when Henry time travels, he can't take his clothes with him. So it's not necessarily sexual.

There is one heavily suggested sex scene. As far as swearing, I don't think there was much at all. I'm pretty sure no F words.

Art and I will probably be watching a lot more movies this year, as soon as we get rid of our cable. I'm pretty excited about that.

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

You two sound a lot like us when it comes to movies... we love to go to the movies, but are rather selective with what we see. I like to hear a few review before I pay to see something. "The Blind Side" was definitely my favorite movie of the year. A "must see" in my opinion...but then again, I'm rather close to that kind of thing because of all the adoptions in my family... But a great movie regardless.

AmyK said...

Lol, your lists cracked me up.
The only two I've seen on ALL of those movies are Fireproof and Up.
We hated Up. H-a-t-e-d. We knew it was a Pixar movie and we're usually not disappointed by Pixar, so we bought it without seeing it first. We were disappointed--highly. We finished watching the movie and were HORRIBLY depressed. Even Kidlet said she didn't really like it--and she'll watch anything. We just didn't feel like the good points overwhelmed the sadness.

We haven't been to the movies since... 2007? We were still dating at the time! Haha!

Felicia said...

Man, apparently I didn't watch any movies this year. I've only seen 6 of the movies you listed! I saw the Princess and the Frog the other day. For the most part I enjoyed it, except there was quite a bit to do with voodoo in the movie, which weirded me out. But I'm really sensitive to that kind of stuff, more so than with swearing or sexual content. It had a really good message, though, so overall it was fun and some good ol' Disney animation.

PS I've switched back to my old blog, in case you were wondering where I went!

CAC said...

Time Travelers Wife is fantastic! But, I sobbed through most of it. Also, I love the name of your blog. I used that verse as inspiration for an art project in high school, where I took an old mirror and clouded it up with hairspray so you could barely see through, and then put a crown of thorns around the edge as a border. anyway, creative name!

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