Can't Wait 'Til Tomorrow!

I'm so excited! You know why?

Derek and I are going to here a symphony orchestra tomorrow! It's a Christmas concert. It's so exciting!

I've always wanted to go to a symphony orchestra performance - in fact, it's on my list of "One Hundred Things to Do Before I Die".

We're getting to do all sorts of fun Christmas stuff this weekend - don't worry, I'll write more about it this upcoming week. And I'll take pictures. Lots of pictures.

Just wanted to tell you all how excited I am!

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katie said...

you are going to LOVE it. Can't wait for pictures!

BTW: We agree about The Christmas Carol. A little gruesome and we thought it should have been PG-13, but overall we enjoyed it fairly well! And it was fun to go to the theatre for a matinee.

And second BTW: cute card! Thanks for sending it. My husband is jealous about the snow photo. :)

Jessica said...

Sounds like so much fun! By the way, I am still going to have the photo scavenger hunt...just wanted to make sure that people were still interested in participating :-)

Stephen and Larissa said...

Have fun! I love concerts. It's not a love that Stephen and I share.... but he said we'd go one day anyway!

Lidiya Lastur said...

Have fun and enjoy every moment this weekend!!!!

Jenene said...

You've never been to the symphony? It's wonderful. You'll love it.

Unknown said...

Have fun Callie! xo

AmyK said...

I'm jealous! I love symphony concerts. I miss them terribly; they were a big part of my life when I was in junior high/high school and in orchestra (I play the violin). Our orchestra conductor also conducted a professional orchestra for years and years, so we always had free tickets.


Anonymous said...

oh yay!! have fun! I am sorry I have been mia, I have just been so busy!!

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