Christmas Picture Overload

Last week was extremely busy for us! Here's a little recap through pictures.

On the 23rd we went to my uncle's 30th birthday party at a castle. It was a formal party and I had a lot of fun getting all dressed up with Derek.

The party was a murder mystery dinner party - Santa Claus had been murdered, and I was one of the suspects, Ebony Sutherland. My character was an animal rights activist - that was rather hard for me to act out, but four people thought I was the culprit in the end. I actually didn't do it though - it was my mother. We had a really fun time!

I would have taken more pictures of the castle, but the tour guide yelled at me - however, in my defense, nobody said not to take pictures, and there were no signs. Just saying . . .

On Christmas Eve Derek and I went to a candlelight service. It was a pretty big church and it was a sight when all the candles were lit. The symbolism of it really hit me - how we're a candle shining for the Lord and how when we share the good news of Jesus's death and resurrection (the gospel message) someone else's candle can be lit when they believe - and look at the great cloud of witnesses that sharing with one person can lead to! I thought it was really neat.

Afterward we went and had Christmas Eve dinner at Derek's mom's house - she made prime rib and all the trimmings, and it was delicious! We got our niece a few books and a stuffed animal - one of the books lights up and plays "Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem", and she really liked it. She carried it around the rest of the night and opened it so the music could play - her parents will probably get sick of that song before long! I took a bunch of pictures of our niece opening her presents - she's so cute!

On Christmas Eve night Derek and I enjoyed our customary glasses of sparkling cider by the light of the Christmas tree.

On Christmas morning Derek and I opened gifts here. Derek got me a few pairs of earrings, a calendar, a necklace, shimmery perfume powder, these cute boots, various stocking stuffers (hat and glove set, headbands, gum, candy) and (drumroll, please) an IPod Nano! I loved all my gifts, and I'm pretty excited about the IPod - I'm always several years behind when it comes to technology, but he got me the newest one that can record videos and everything, so I feel pretty technologically savvy! I got most of my music on it now, and I can't wait to subscribe to some podcasts! You thought my listening to talk radio was out of control before . . .

I got Derek a chess game for XBox, a guitar book and CD (he's learning to play), various stocking stuffers (Country CD, coffee mug, candy, a little Hot Wheels car for fun, etc.), metal brain teasers, tape measures, a router (he's into woodworking) and router bits.

I think there's some other stuff that we got each other, but I can't remember right now. We also got a couple together gifts, like games and movies, that we opened together.

We got the dogs some presents - they get so excited to open them. It's cute. I'll post a video later this week.

Later in the day we went to spend some time with my family. Then they took off to get my sister's boyfriend from the airport, and we spent the rest of the evening at home. The next day we went to my parent's again and open gifts with all my siblings. We played games the rest of the afternoon, had a nice turkey/ham dinner, then watched Star Trek. It was a nice time.

I got some really nice stuff from Derek's family and my side of the family, but I won't list those here for the sake of space.

This month was Derek's birthday - here's a little recap.

The first thing we did was go sledding with my family. I injured my tailbone after Derek and I hit a rock on the sledding hill. It hurts to bend over.

After sledding we were off to Three Margarita's with family for dinner. Then we all came back here and had cake and presents. Wrapped in non-Christmas paper, by the way, because just because a person's birthday is near Christmas does not mean they don't deserve birthday wrapping paper. Any of you who have husbands with birthdays in December know of what I speak. This is me presenting Derek with his birthday-paper-wrapped present.

I also made him a chocolate birthday cake - double layers! My first double layered cake ever - I was very proud.

I got Derek some cowboy boots (and a couple other things) for his birthday and he seems to like them! I assured him they were appropriate for work, so he's planning on wearing them today.

Happy Birthday Derek! I love you so much - I can't imagine living without you. You are strong, intelligent, hard-working, and a wonderful Christian man - I don't deserve you. You're the love of my life, and I can't wait to see what this next year together brings!

That was our week in a nutshell! Sorry for the picture overload, but this is as much for the benefit of my memories as it is for the sake of this blog.

And it is my blog, isn't it? What am I apologizing for!

I grin as I write - you all know I'm teasing . . .

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Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Aww, i love all the pictures!! You're so cute. :) And three cheers for the iPod!!!

We watched Star Trek on Christmas too...funny.

Glad you two had such a wonderful holiday together!

Lidiya Lastur said...

I love pictures-you know they say a picture speaks a thousand words... It seems that you guys had an awesome Christmas-glad 4 u. The Castle Bday was awesome :) :) we've never done such thing-seems interesting. Isn't it great to have family? i loved our time with my family this year, since his are in NC... You guys got a lot of christmas presents for each other! maybe we should do that next year!

katie said...

Wow! What nice celebrations! Happy belated Birthday to your husband!

I loved the imagery and discussion about the symbolism of the candlelight service!

Meg said...

Love all of the pictures! My hubby's birthday is a few days before Christmas... he doesn't like it, but it is what it is. :) Happy {late} birthday to your hubby!

Unknown said...

I for one loved all the gifts and I loved the picture of you presenting Derek with birthday wrapped paper :)

It seems you had such a lovely time together. Happy birthday to Derek and a wonderful new year to you both :)

Lauren said...

What great pics! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday!

Jessica said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Ours was really busy too, and I'm thankful to be able to take it easy and recuperate the next few days :-)

Kate Craig said...

I really love your hair! And I'm cracking up at your matter-of-fact description of your injury

~M~ said...

Love all of the photos!! So glad your Christmas went well!! :)

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