Goodbye 2009, Hello Bright New Year

In some ways a lot has happened this year, and in some ways it seems like not much has changed. I’m not sure why that is. A lot of big things happened this year, but they were scattered among periods of just regular, everyday living – I think it has actually turned out to be just the right amount of change for one year. Things can’t ever just stand still, they are always changing – at least they shouldn’t stand still. Nothing good can come from just standing still. But when the change comes in bite-size pieces and is framed by everyday life it’s so much easier to handle.

January - Regular Living Month

1. I really started to get into blogging.

2. We started watching our first full season of American Idol. Hard to believe I just started watching it last January, huh? I tell you, I’m about three years behind the rest of the country when it comes to this stuff.

3. I applied for more jobs, trying to get away from the temporary agency.

4. Made new blogging friends.

February – Big Change Month

1. I got a job at a rural dental office for Wednesdays only. Still couldn’t quit the temporary agency.

2. Derek and I took a lovely Valentine’s Day getaway trip.

3. More new blogging friends.

March – Big Change Month

1. Got a new job for Mondays and Thursdays! This was really confidence-boosting for me, because it was my first “real” job in my field. The rural office that hired me basically just called me back and said I was hired because they were desperate, so I didn’t feel very accomplished getting that job, but I had to beat out several other applicants for this job, so it made me feel good!

2. Lots of new blogging friends! I think I reached ten followers or something this month – I felt pretty good.

3. Started reading Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs, which was very helpful and improved our communication in our marriage. Read my take on the book in my posts "Please, Stop the Craziness! (To Be Continued . . .)", "C.H.A.I.R.S. - Advice For Wives", and "Rewards For Obedience".

April – Regular Living Month

1. Easter! I splurged and bought an Easter outfit, one of my first real outfits that I purchased after the whole unemployment thing of the previous Autumn.

May – Regular Living Month

1. I bought a hibiscus plant. Pretty adventurous for me, since I tend to kill plants.

2. I bought a teacup.

3. Took another short trip with Derek because he had to go to a training for work.

4. E-mailed my representatives about healthcare reform, which I still think will be disastrous, but the democrats in Congress and the Senate don’t seem to care what the majority of America thinks about this issue.

5. Reached one hundred posts on this blog, and made my list of one hundred things to do before I die! We will be revisiting this soon . . .

June – Big Change Month

1. My birthday! Derek planned an amazing birthday surprise for me.

2. Had my wisdom teeth extracted. Fun, fun.

3. Started to panic about losing weight for our one year anniversary – I wanted to weigh close to the same weight as the day we got married. Got the Shred DVD, and I loved it.

4. Painted my bathroom an actual color. This is a big deal for me.

July – Big Change Month

1. Our one year wedding anniversary! Derek made me this beautiful jewelry box, and I made him a card deck book. It was a lovely day. Except for the dog and cake incident.

2. Experienced the Honeymoon blues. I had a bit of a hard time thinking how one year ago exactly we were in Hawaii.

3. I won my first giveaway! Pretty exciting stuff. Thanks Kara – you introduced me to the world of blog giveaways!

4. Learned about the possible abortive effects of the birth control pill. Did a lot of panicked research and spent a lot of time in prayer. Conlcuded that I had to go off of the pill, and did it. One of the most stressful times of the year.

5. Started charting.

6. Derek and I started studying the book of Ephesians together.

August – Big Change/Regular Living Month

1. Went on vacation to Washington DC and North Carolina! We had a wonderful trip. Read about it in my posts "Scary Bugs, Wet Air, and Subtle Colors - My Description of the East Coast", "Surreal, Inspiring, and A Killer For Your Feet - My Description of Washington DC Thus Far", "We're Back! Vacation Recap Part One", and "Museums, Museums, and More Museums! Vacation Recap Part Two"

2. Started painting again. See my painting blog.

3. Went on a weekend trip to the state fair with my family, and we had a wonderful time!

4. The Lord opened my eyes to my own sinfulness and pride, once again. Still working on it, with His help.

September – Regular Living Month

1. Derek started playing hockey again!

2. Started knitting again.

3. Wrote my first guest blog post at Bound To Books! I wrote it on The Screwtape Letters.

4. It snowed. Our earliest snow in a while.

October – Regular Living Month

1. Broke my camera, and had to buy a new one. But the new one take panoramic pictures.

Camera Tragedy

2. Went on a trip to visit my friend Hazel with my sister.

3. Derek and I paid off the last of our debt (except the house)!

4. We got Harvey! Affectionately (with a touch of annoyance) labeled “that dog”. He’s so cute.

November – Regular Living Month

1. Started to pick up extra days at work, which helped pay for Christmas.

2. Did my first blog giveaway.

3. Thanksgiving of course!

4. Met with another young married couple about starting a young married Bible study group. I just started talking with one of my married friends about how we didn’t know any other married couples, and the idea was born! I’ll keep you posted on how it goes – we’re starting in January.

December – Big Change Month

1. Had an incident at the rural dental office, and ended up quitting my job. This is news to you all, isn’t it? I didn’t really want to blog about it. Long story, and I’d rather not get into details, but my former boss lied to me repeatedly and was pretty rotten about the whole thing. I had actually been thinking about quitting since June, so I’m not sad about it at all, but December was a really stressful month. I cried a lot, just because of the stress.

2. Went to my first work Christmas party with my other job! It was fun. My boss at the Monday/Thursday job is really a good boss, and I really like that office. I’m so thankful the Lord gave me that job.

3. Lots of Christmas shopping.

4. Started going to Saturday night service at a church in town, and we’ve been enjoying it. We’re still going to our other church on Sundays too.

5. Harvey started chewing things.

6. Finishing up the books I’m currently reading before the new year arrives.

7. Derek’s birthday!

8. Christmas and New Year celebrations!

See what I mean? A lot has happened, but not really. It was just a nice, exciting-but-not-too-stressful year.

At the same time I feel like I’ve grown a lot, and the Lord has shown me so much about myself and my flaws – which is a wonderful thing, because how am I to ever change for the better if the Lord doesn’t show me the worst in myself? I pray that He’ll continue to convict me and show me how to walk in a way that is worthy of the calling I have received. I want to continue walking with Him - the worst thing would be to just stand still.

The Lord has also shown me how wonderful my husband is, and He has used Derek to humble me and draw me closer to Jesus this year. The longer I’m married to Derek, the more difficult it is to imagine living without him. Everyday that passes with my husband by my side leaves me more in awe of God’s grace - that He would choose to bless me with a man like that! Just one more way that God’s love for me becomes ever more apparent.

The Lord Jesus has been our help through the stressful times and trials, and He’s been there smiling as we experienced all the joys of the little things in life this year. And I know He’ll continue to be there, because even though nothing stays the same in this world, He’s the one thing that never changes.

Praying that you all will send 2009 off with joyful celebration and greet 2010 with prayerful anticipation! May the Lord bless 2010 for each of you, and may you never be found standing still.

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Jessica said...

I'm sorry to hear about your job, that sounds like it wasn't a very fun situation. I really did accomplish a lot this year. It sounds like it was a pretty big year! Happy New Year!!

Unknown said...

Your're right you did have a lot of change but it happened steadily. I look forward to seeing what 2010 brings for you! Happy new year :) x

Cheyennerene said...

That's so funny about American Idol... It was my first season ever watching too! My husband picks on me for how addicted I got to it, lol. I'm so glad Paula's gone, she drove me crazy! And I think it will be interesting having Ellen as a judge this season.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

ParisPink said...

Love this post!!! What a year!

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