March For Life

I wish I could be in DC this evening.

The March For Life is being held tonight in Washington.

If you all remember, Derek and I went on vacation to Washington DC this past summer. It would be pretty cool to be there for this huge Pro-life rally. I can just imagine all the people filling the spaces in this picture. It would be a sight to see.

For those of you who are also Pro-life and would participate in the march if you lived anywhere near Washington DC, I discovered this cool little website:, where those of us who can't actually be there can sign up and pretend that we are.

It's a way to let our voices be heard since we can't actually be in Washington. Check it out!

Also see the March For Life website for information on the march.

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Jessica said...

I have wanted to go for so long! A group from my church usually goes every year. I've just never gone because of work and everything, but I think I'm going to make it a point to try to go next year. Thanks for sharing the website!

~M~ said...

That is so cool you will be going! What a wonderful experience!!

My heart aches for the loss of millions of lives that have been lost.

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