Oprah Giving Bristol Palin A Hard Time

Yesterday I was listening to Laura Ingraham and I heard about the interview on Oprah with Bristol Palin that aired last Friday. Have any of you heard about this?

Basically Bristol Palin has made the decision to abstain from sex from this point forward until she's married, and Oprah gave her a hard time about it. Basically acting like it can't be done. Here's a video clip from the The Daily Beast News Website:

Can you believe Oprah's nerve? Who does she think she is? How insulting of her to insinuate that she doesn't think Bristol can do it; I don't think Bristol Palin would have said anything in the first place if she didn't think she could stick to that goal. It's Bristol's decision, not Oprah's, and to try to talk Bristol out of her pledge to wait for sex until she is married is just ridiculous.

Everyone can make mistakes, but we don't have to let those mistakes affect our future decisions. Bristol made a mistake, but she's decided to start fresh and do her best to abstain from now on. I think she's really courageous to make that public commitment when she knows she's going to get ridiculed for it, and good for Bristol Palin!

Oprah acts like it's impossible to wait to have sex until you are married. New's flash, Oprah. It's not impossible - plenty of couples wait until they are married to have sex. Derek and I both abstained from sex and saved ourselves for each other alone on our wedding night - it wasn't always easy, but it's not an unrealistic goal, and we are so glad we chose to wait. It's much smarter for many different reasons to wait. For Oprah to try to discourage Bristol Palin from making what is really a healthy commitment like that is just disgusting to me.

This is why I have never, nor do I ever plan on watching Oprah.

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Lauren said...

Wow...I haven't seen that clip. I can't even believe how she acts as if it's impossible. I'm with you, we could find lots of women who made that commitment and stuck with it. And again, it wasn't easy but it was certainly something I had my heart & soul set on. Wow...I'm still just speechless after watching that!

Kaylene Elise said...

I read about this, and was disgusted as well. As young single women, we need the older women to stand the moral ground, not lower the standards and call morals "impossible". Oprah has never been a champion for morals, but sad to say, her view is only too popular right now.

Its sad to me that abstinence is seen just as a form of birth control. People seem to think that babies are the only "consequence" to having sex and that as long as you can prevent them, then sex before marriage is ok.

But I am thankful for Bristol taking this stand, and unlike Oprah, I will be praying she has the grace to resist temptation.

Unknown said...

As I was listening I thought she was put of order to ridicule Bristol like she did. It really annoyed me when she said 'I was waiting for a retraction' - uumm what?! lol.

Although I do not agree how Oprah was rude to her and the audience laughing (that annoyed me as well!). I can understand that because she has had sex as she had a baby last year why some people would choose not to believe Bristol. However, I do believe her. I do not think you can be so public about something like that and not to go through with it.

She's a very proud Momma as well :)

AmyK said...

Oprah has a lot of nerve. Society has put her on a pedestal for so long that she seems to think she's the authority on... well, everything. Even things she has no right to make blanket statements about.
I say good for Bristol. If she sticks to it, even with her past it'll still be one of the most gratifying things she'll accomplish. As you know, my hubby has a kid and thus had previously been with someone. But when he got saved, he made the decision to wait to do it again until he was married. That's why I don't hold it against him that while I waited he didn't. The fact that he saw the error of his ways and did what he could to rectify it means the world to me.
I hope Bristol finds someone someday that understands, too.

katie said...

I was actually watching this when it came on. I was home for the afternoon and was flipping through channels and I like watching Sarah Palin and sometimes don't mind Oprah (though I'm not a big fan and I don't agree with many of the things she pushes on her show).

I was so annoyed with her as she did that with Bristol. I don't think it is right to ridicule her decision or her choice to make it public. And it makes me sad that Oprah is probably really parroting society on this one.

I commend Bristol for starting fresh and sticking to her guns with Oprah. And Sarah for backing her daughter up. Oprah was out of line and the only thing good I see from it is that the controversy may mean it will reach more people. And from that maybe other young girls will decide that waiting is right for them too.

Anna said...

I think it's nice that Bristol has made this commitment, but I do wonder what the purpose of sharing it with the whole world is. So many celebrities do that and then it ends up being empty (i.e. Britney Spears). If she's really committed to abstinence, it would probably be a stronger message if she waited until after she was married to share about waiting! :)

Either way, yes, Oprah was rude, but it's not really surprising. Sexual immorality is rampant, because it's according to the flesh, not according to the Spirit. Of course someone who is not a Christian would find it difficult to believe that sexual purity is possible.

I agree with Kaylene - it's sad that Bristol mainly seems to be talking about abstinence as birth control. If that's your only motivation, it IS going to be tough to stick it out.

~M~ said...

I was in yoga today and the instructor was talking about ex-lovers. I was the only person in class who didn't laugh. At first I felt a bit awkward. I thought about it some more and realized I am in the minority...but I am so happy to be that way :)

Jessica said...

Yeah, that was pretty rude of Oprah to act that way! I hate it when people laugh at abstinence only education, because they think it never works. No, it actually works 100% of the time, if you actually follow through and practice abstinence completely! And it's absolutely not impossible. Luke and I waited, and I know countless other couples who waited until their wedding nights. Grr, Oprah frustrates me too! I refuse to watch her as well. She just rubs me the wrong way, and I don't like her arrogance, and the lies that she feeds so many people. I feel like she is a very mixed up lady, and she needs to find the Lord!

Jen | Our Life Accounts said...

Ugh, this made me so mad... Oprah lives on a major power trip. I can't stand how she acts like she's God...

I cannot stand her and won't ever support watching her show!

Lidiya Lastur said...

My husband and I abstained from having sex before marriage and now, being married i believe it WAS worth waiting!!! It is a sin to have sex outside marriage-that is what the Bible says and that is what we believe and will believe no matter what any person might say! I know many, many girls that did have sex with multimple guys and feel now that they can't be forgiven because they realized what a big mistake they were making. And lastly, babies should exist because of LOVE not because of a mistake, or of a "one night thing".. that is why we have so many orphanages and destroyed families. Anyways, Oprah made a huge mistake by saying that and I do believe she lost a few if not lots of fans!

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