Dog On The Outside, Puppy On The Inside

When my family came over on Sunday for the Superbowl, my brother and sister-in-law brought their dog Bella. Bella and Harvey have met before, but not since Harvey was little enough that I could still carry him.

Harvey can be a handful - he has a lot of energy, and he's pretty big now, but he still acts like a puppy. It makes me frustrated sometimes because he does the playful biting, jumping, and chewing, and I feel like he should be better behaved by now. I have to remind myself that he's still only six months old or so, and he still needs to be trained and played with. Even though he's huge.

Well, Bella came over and she and Harvey "met" again. Harvey is about the same size as Bella now, and they just had a grand old time playing! They chased each other around the living room, chewed on each other, tackled each other - it was so cute! I caught part of it with my digital camera. I think Harvey liked playing with a dog his own size.

Harvey and Bella from Callie on Vimeo.

Harvey playing with my brother's dog - they're so cute!

Isn't he so big now? It's crazy. He's like a grown dog on the outside, but he's still a puppy on the inside. I think I just need to remember that and have a little more patience with him sometimes.

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AmyK said...

Aw, they're cute! I miss having a dog in my life. Dogs are fun. Especially when they have BFFs!

katie said...

I can't play the video but Harvey sounds cuter and cuter the more I hear about him!

Unknown said...

This was SO cute!!!!!! XO

Jessica said...

Aww how cute! He is getting big!

Jessica said...

I guess the one I was looking at isn't very asymmetrical though.

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