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Today I'm going to:

1. Catch up on blog reading. Check. Already did this.

2. Get all the groceries I bought yesterday put away.

3. Separate all the bags of chips, crackers, and cheese into baggies. Yes, I'm rationing our food for the month.

I grocery shop for the entire month when I get my paycheck, and then we usually end up eating too much of the good stuff at the beginning of the month, and by the time the 20th rolls around there is nothing good to eat in the house.

So I'm budgeting the food this month, and hopefully there will be good things to eat until my next paycheck and we won't have to be scouring the cabinets for a decent meal!

I digress.

4. Write e-mails. I'm way behind on e-mails.

5. Watch No Reservations with Catherine Zeta Jones. I feel like a chick flick, and that movie always makes me want to cook.

6. Make homemade pizza for dinner. My man deserves a good meal on the weekend.

7. Relax! It's been a long week.

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope you accomplish everything on your list!

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Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Love your new header!

Good idea on rationing the food...I have such a hard time budgeting for groceries.

Care to share your pizza recipe? I've tried making my own a couple times but the dough always turns out a disaster. Any tips? :)

chloƫ. said...

love no reservations! that movie is so cute!

i'm writing letters, blogging, watching movies, doing chores, and eating junk here. tomorrow i have a long run due and am going with Josiah to a Super Bowl party!

(do you and your husband watch the super bowl?)

~M~ said...

That's a great idea to portion out the food!

Tonight we are going to dinner for my sister in law's birthday. That's about it :)

Unknown said...

Love how your blog design is turning out :) Very you!

Seems you have everything in check! I love making home made pizzas because I am allergic to cheese I can add loads of extra things. People dont class it as a pizza but in my book it is :)

This weekend I am celebrating my birthday as I hit the big 2-1 on Monday! :)

Jessica said...

What a great idea to portion out your food like that...I would end up too much good stuff at the beginning of the month too! Sounds like a great, relaxing night tonight :-)

LeAnna said...

We grocery shop once a month, also! It takes some getting used to, but planning out a menu each month helps thing last a lot longer, too. I love No Reservations! Adorable movie. If you ever want another good chic flick, Chocolat w/ Johnny Depp is a good one, too. :)

Sarah Louise said...

It's a good idea to ration out your food when you shop for an entire month at once. I use to do that, but found I ended up making to many extra, small trips for bread, milk and produce that I decided to go biweekly.

katie said...

Wow! You're rationing and once a month shopping is inspiring! We shop too frequently. I'm trying to meal plan some, but I'm not ready to jump in for a full months worth of groceries.

I haven't seen No Reservations so that is going to have to go on my list... Thanks for the tip.

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