Rush Limbaugh Wins Dance Contest

I don't know if any of you were aware, but Rush Limbaugh was a judge for the Miss America pageant this year. One of the main reasons I watched it on Saturday was because he was a judge. I'm a "Rush Baby" (meaning that I grew up listening to Rush Limbaugh), and I still listen to him on the radio all the time. I'm a big fan.

I watched the pre-show and I really liked the questions he asked. None of this "should gay marriage be legal" junk. He actually asked questions that had to do with representing America and being an American; which is the point anyway, right? At least I think so.

Anyway, I was listening to Rush on my lunch break today and he talked a little bit about the pageant, and how he really enjoyed doing it. He mentioned that during the preliminaries they sprung a little surprise dance contest on all the Miss America pageant judges.

I found the video - here it is for a grin!

I love it! Rush won the contest, if you didn't catch that. It was cool to see him just having fun, and I concur - he definitely won that one!

Just in case there are any other Rush babies out there . . .

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katie said...

LOL. I love this! I totally grew up listening to Rush (and my Mom still listens so I'll hear it when I am home).

I'm definitely copy pasting a link for her for this one.

AmyK said...

I love Rush. Haha. Fab video, I hadn't seen that!

(I didn't know you listen to Rush, too! Cool!)

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