Winter Blues Giveaway!

Ah, January, February, March. The months when the weather is the coldest, even though we want it to be warm. Winter blues anyone?

So how do you all beat the winter blues? Things that smell good always do it for me. That and lip gloss. Something about new lip gloss seems to make winter more bearable.

Enter my Winter Blues Giveaway! I'm giving away three lovely products to assist you in beating the winter blues that are surely sneaking upon you as I write! Here they are:

First, this lovely Amber Romance Scented Room Spray from Victoria Secret. I thought this was also quite appropriate for February considering Valentine's Day is coming up.

Next some lovely Beauty Rush Lip Gloss. If you've never used Victoria Secret's lip gloss, you have to try it! It lasts for a long time, tastes wonderful, and gives your lips a beautiful shine. The one I'm giving away is Twisted Citrus flavored.

And finally, some copper-colored eyeshadow just screams "summer", no?

Here's how to enter.

1. Leave a comment letting me know what helps you beat the winter blues. This is worth one entry.
2. Become a follower for another entry. If you are already a follower I'll automatically give you an extra entry when you comment. Note: While I really appreciate all of you who subscribe through feed readers, in order to get the extra follower entry your picture must appear in the follower box to the left. This is just because that's the only way i can really confirm that you're a follower.
3. Tweet about this giveaway for a third entry.
4. Blog about it. This is worth one more entry!

Please leave me a comment regarding each thing you do so that I don't miss out on giving you one of your entries!

I'll announce the winner on Tuesday, February 9th. Good luck!

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Jaime G. said...

winter blues fix.... vitamin D. seriously. looking at warm pictures just makes me ache for the sun again. Vitamin D is all that helps me.
(the word verification made me laught today... MATING)

Jaime G. said...

and i'm a "follower" =)

Kaylene Elise said...

I chase them away with a cup of tea and my electric blanket. A good book doesn't hurt either. :)

Cool giveaway Callie! Thanks for offering it.

(And I'm already a follower)

Kaylene Elise said...

and I tweeted! ( @kaylenelise )

Lauren said...

That stuff looks fantastic! I'm a follower & I would say my favorite thing to beat the winter blues is warm, comfort food. Soups are my favorite and there's nothing like a big bowl of warm chili or chicken tortilla soup to get you through a bitterly cold day!

LeAnna said...

Mmm, I love all three! We're in the throws of the winter blues right now, with a severe ice storm that just hit our state. It's so beautiful outside, but I'm ready for some sunshine! Incidentally, I'm giving away a 25$ gift card to Victoria's Secret on my blog this week. Great minds think alike!
(Got here via a twitter update!)

LeAnna said...

I follow you now, too!

katie said...

What a great giveaway!

I think warm coats, sweaters, scarfs and wool socks help me beat the blues. And cozy type foods help too!

P.S. I am a follower.

Unknown said...

How exciting and that VS lip gloss looks yummy!

I beat my winter blues by reading. I tend to read more in the winter months. As reading stories takes me away from the cold, bare trees etc by taking me into another imagination.

I am a follower and I have tweeted :)

Meg said...

We don't have very hard winters down here in the South, but I love looking at traveling sites to book vacations during the summer.

I am a subscriber!

~M~ said...

Wow! What a great giveaway!

Jenene said...

Ooh, that is such a good giveaway! You're the best! So I'm a follower, but my picture doesn't appear on the right. My nickname does, but not my actual picture. Does that still count?

Jenene said...

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you how I beat the winter blues. I think just hanging on to the knowledge that spring will come once again.

Staying busy helps time fly too. :)

Lidiya Lastur said...

I love sitting by the fireplace and drinking apple cider, reading a book, watching a movie/tv... etc.
I am a follower-thank u for the giveaway.

Shaima812 said...

Humm Love drawing and doing makeup to me and my friennds its really help too

Shaima812 said...

Iam a follower shaim

Shaima812 said...

I tweet about it here

Mrs. Lukie said...

We don't really have "winter" here in San Diego (don't hate me!) But...when it's getting a bit "chilly" I like to snuggle up in my Snuggie (don't judge!) with a cup of hot tea and either catch up on DVR'd shows or catch up on blogs :)

Mrs. Lukie said...

I'm also a follower :)

Stephen and Larissa said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I'm longing for warmer sunny weather!

(I'm a follower)

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I love to beat the winter blues at Starbucks, drinking a pumpkin spice latte and play scrabble with my hubby.

And a good fire in our fireplace with S'mores in the living room is always fun!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I'm a follower!

chloƫ. said...

Chloe's guide to beating the winter blues:

1) Run outdoors four times (or once works too, LOL) a week. It always helps getting outside, even if only for a little bit. Sunshine and fresh air always helps, and the running keeps you from freezing. Walking outside can be brutal.

2) Read amazing books like Bodie Thoene's "The Zion Convenant" series (on the very last one now!) and of course, Pride and Prejudice.

3) Watch countless episodes of "Psych" because that show never gets old.

4) Go to the library and stock up on informational and nonfiction books, as well as movies. :)

5) Watch said movies on the couch while husband studies.

6) Follow Callie Nicole on Blogger, of course! :)

chloƫ. said...

so i blogged about your giveaway.

extra entry for me!! *cha-ching*

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